Edwards for President, Inc.

30-second ad

Axelrod & Associates


[Music in background] John Edwards: I'm John Edwards.  I'm running for president.

I grew up in a small town.  My dad worked in a mill.  I played high school, went to this church, and met Elizabeth thirty years ago in law school.

Everything I've done comes from the values I learned in that small town.

Now I want to restore the promise of America, a better life for all who work for it.

I approved this message because I'll never forget where I came from, who I'm fighting for or what Americans can accomplish if they're just given a chance.


On the screen: Opens with medium shot of Edwards, wearing a pale yellow shirt, talking to the camera; CG text identifies him "Senator John Edwards."   Black and white archival photographs of the Robbins, NC water tower; Edwards' parents; Edwards as a high school football player; First Baptist Church; wedding photo.  Colorful video clip of the Edwards family outdoors; their young daughter rushes to his lap.  Edwards talking to the camera.
Notes and Observations:  This is a fairly standard bio spot.  Edwards hearkens back to his small town roots.