Edwards for President, Inc.

"Why Don't We"
30-second ad 

Axelrod & Associates



John Edwards:  It is outrageous [music in background] that this president has turned a $5 trillion surplus into $5 trillion deficit. [ominous SFX in background]

And now when we look at college education [cymbal SFX] for more, doing something about the health crisis, his answer is we don't have the money.

Well why don't we have the money, George Bush?  He gave it away [music picks up tempo] in tax cuts to the richest people in America.

We need a president [applause starts] that will stand up for working people in America.  That's what we need.

Edwards (voiceover):  I'm John Edwards and I approved this message.


On the screen: Edwards speaking in a town hall meeting setting; the camera cuts between shots of him speaking and shots of members of the audience listening and, at the close, applauding.  Several times the camera focuses on or shows African Americans in the audience.

This moderately complex ad includes 13 separate clips during the 30 seconds.  The shots: (1) Medium shot, from the side, of Edwards, wearing a blue shirt and red tie, speaking in a town hall meeting setting.  Also visible are few people seated or standing along the wall listening.  CG text "Senator John Edwards."  (2) Close up of a caucasian woman listening.  (3) Camera searches for and finds a close up shot of Edwards speaking.  An African American man wearing a tee shirt with the number 7 on it is seen standing in the background.  (4) CU of two women listening.  (5) CU of Edwards speaking.  (6) Medium close up of Asian American woman nodding and African American man listening.  (7) Close up of Edwards speaking.  (8) Close up of a man listening, nodding slightly.  (9) Close up of Edwards speaking; the man with the number 7 tee shirt is in background.  (10) African American man applauding.  (11) Edwards speaking.  (12) Caucasian man applauding.  (13) Edwards standing as people around him applaud.  CG text "John Edwards for President" and the disclaimer.

Notes and Observations:  Edwards lambastes Bush's handling of the economy, but other than stating that, "We need a president that will stand up for working people," he doesn't offer specific proposals.  The ad does not provide a website address or phone number.