Iowa for Health Care

60-second radio ad run statewide on Iowa radio stations for 11 days starting on Nov. 13, 2003 at a cost of approximately $90,000.

McWilliams/Robinson & Partners


John Davis:  My name is John Davis; I own a business and I'm Republican.

Shirley Healy:  I'm Shirley Healy, a nurse and a Democrat.

John Archer:  And I'm John Archer, a granddad and an Independent.

John Davis:  We all know there's a problem with health care in Iowa.

Shirley Healy:  Health care and insurance costs keep going up.

John Archer:  While the economy keeps going down.

John Davis:  We don't have bottomless pockets here.

Shirley Healy:  But we're being forced to pay bigger co-pays and higher deductibles.

John Archer:  And if the cost of insurance keeps going up -- more and more of us aren't going to be able to afford any insurance at all.

John Davis:  Regardless of your political party or who you support...

Shirley Healy:  We all agree, we need a solution.

John Archer:  No more sound bites.

John Davis:  No more empty promises.

Shirley Healy:  The time to start fixing health care is right now.

John Archer:  And you can make a difference right here in Iowa by going to you precinct caucus and standing up for health care.

John Davis:  To find our how you can caucus for health care, call us at 319-338-0353 or visit us on the web at Iowa for Health Care dot com.

Shirley Healy:  But do it soon.

John Archer:  Because the longer we wait...

John Davis:  The worse the problem's going to get.

Announcer:  Paid for by Iowa for Health Care.