Iowa for Health Care

" Poster"
30-second TV spot run in Iowa starting Aug. 7, 2003.   reported the cost of the buy at $145,000 and said the ad would run statewide for 11 days.

MacWilliams, Robinson & Partners


Dennis: I'm a nurse.

Mitchell: And I know when you're sick, the longer you wait,  Yoder: the worse you get.

Mitchell: Everybody should be able to get health care,  Hawk: but it's harder and harder for families to find coverage they can afford.

Mitchell: It'll take every one of us,  Yoder: government, business,  Dennis: you, me, to solve this problem.

Hawk: We need to ask every candidate running for President   Dennis: what they're going to do about healthcare -  Mitchell: and how they're going to pay for it. 

Dennis: We can't quit 'til we get some real answers.

Mitchell: Fixing healthcare isn't going to be easy,  Yoder: but the longer we wait,  Hawk: the worse its going to get."