John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Middle Class Tax Cuts" 
30-second ad run in Iowa starting January 8, 2004.



[Music] Elizabeth Hendrix: My husband died of cancer a few years ago.  I'm working full time, raising 4 boys, and earn $28,000. 

I think it makes sense to roll back the tax cuts on the wealthiest people in this country.  But some candidates want to raise taxes on the middle class. 

We can't be taxed any more.  John Kerry's not going to raise taxes on the middle class. 

John Kerry: I don't think we should be asking the middle class to be the people who are going to pick up for George Bush's mistakes. 

Elizabeth Hendrix: John Kerry understands what's going on in my life. 

John Kerry: I'm John Kerry and I approved this message. 

On the screen: 1. Framed photograph of a man.  2. MCU of woman talking to the camera.  3. Framed photograph of boys.  4. same MCU of woman.  5. Text screen "Raise taxes on the middle class"  6. same MCU of woman.  7. Shot over Kerry's shoulder of two boys.  8. Kerry in a town hall setting, people in background, "" in lower corner.  9. same MCU of woman, web address, disclaimer.  10. Kerry and flag in the background.
Notes and Observations