John Kerry for President, Inc.

"He'll Fight for Us" 
30-second ad run in IA starting Jan. 18, 2004.



Announcer: Heís been endorsed by Iowans from office worker Elizabeth Hendrix to First Lady Christie Vilsack. 

Christie Vilsack: Iím standing with John Kerry because heíll fight for us. 

Announcer:  The Quad City Times calls John Kerry ďextraordinary.Ē  The Press Citizen endorses him for his experience and healthcare reforms.  The Burlington Hawk-Eye calls him an impressive choice in an uncertain economy.  Attorney General Miller says John Kerry has the character and judgment to beat George Bush.

John Kerry: Letís go out and get it done. Letís take back the White House. 

John Kerry Voiceover: Iím John Kerry and I approved this message.