John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Best Prepared to be President" 
30-second ad run in NH starting Jan. 21, 2004.



Martha Dickey: I support John Kerry because I think his plan for healthcare for all Americans is what we need.

Narrator: Endorsed by the Nashua Telegraph for his healthcare plan to expand coverage and hold down costs. 

Brenda MacLellan: Hes been there, hes done it, hes got that experience.

Paul Dickey: Hes a man of his word

Mary Ann Knowles: Hell fight for us 

Narrator: The Concord Monitor says that in todays perilous world, John Kerry is best prepared to be President. 

M.J. Viederman: The only way we are going to beat George Bush is with John Kerrys leadership and experience. 

John Kerry: We need a President whos on your side. Im John Kerry and I approved this message.