John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Better for America" 
30-second ad from Jan. 2004.



David Alston: When the bullets began to hit the side of the boat -- boom, pow, pow, pow -- we found out that John Kerry can lead.

John Kerry (voiceover and to camera): There's a sense after Vietnam that every other day is extra, that you have to do what's right.

You know it's right to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy; to guarantee all Americans health care; and invest in our kids.  That's why I'm running for president.

David Alston: He wants better for America.

John Kerry (voiceover): I'm John Kerry and I approve this message.

David Alston: This man would make a great president.

On the screen: 1. David Alston talking to the camera (identified as Rev. David Alston, Columbia, SC, Kerry Crewmate).  2. Clip of two swift boats.  3. Alston to camera.  4. Clip of Lt. John Kerry in the jungle carrying rifle. 5. Close up of Kerry talking to the camera.  6.Kerry interacting with voters.  7. Kerry interacting with kids.  8. Kerry to camera.  9. Alston to camera. 10. Kerry with worker.  11. Alston to camera.
Notes and Observations