John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Jobs Lost" 
30-second ad from Feb. 22, 2004.



[Music] John Kerry: Three million jobs lost, that is an astonishing failure.

Male Announcer: John Kerry's got the strength and experience to fight for America's jobs.

John Kerry: We need to be on the side of America's workers.

Announcer: His plan: 

End tax breaks that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas.

New incentives to create and keep good jobs here.

A real plan to get health care costs under control.

John Kerry: George Bush won't do it.  I will.  I'm John Kerry and I approve this message.

On the screen: 1. Clip of Kerry speaking (medium shot), flags in the background.  2. Kerry speaking from the side.  3. Kerry with worker.  4. Kerry in firehouse.  5. Clip of Kerry speaking (MCU), flags in background   6. Kerry speaking to worker.  7. Industrial site and fence "End tax breaks that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas"  8.  Welding torch "New incentives"   9. Two workers "Create and keep good jobs"  10. Female doctor and young child "Get health care costs under control"  11. Kerry to the camera. [Clips in which Kerry is not speaking have white border on top and bottom; web site address] 
Notes and Observations: Opens with the same clip used in Kerry's first ad, "Strength" from over five months ago back in September, but this ad offers a bit more specific policy points.