John Kerry for President, Inc.

30-second ad from Feb. 25, 2004.



[Music]  Max Cleland (to camera and voiceover): John Kerry is the guy that can change this country.

John is a fighter.  His experience, his character, his courage stands head and shoulders above anybody else running for president.

He understands that we need a strong economy, we need America at work.

John Kerry is the one man that I would put my trust in to make this country safer.

John Kerry: Iím John Kerry and I approved this message because we need leadership that can change the direction of America.

Max Cleland: He's been tested on the battlefield, he's been tested in the United States Senate, and now he's ready to be president of the United States.

On the screen: Max Cleland, in an office setting, talking to the camera.  Several clips of Kerry interspersed.  Kerry doing the disclaimer.  Cleland to camera.
Notes and Observations