John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Keeping Our Word?" 
1:20 Internet spot  Feb. 27, 2004



[Music] George W. Bush: We make a pledge, we keep our word. When America works, America prospers so my economic security plan can be summed up in one word.  Jobs. 

On Screen: 2.9 Million Jobs Lost [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1/04]

George W. Bush: The No Child Left Behind Act is opening the door of opportunity to all of Americaís children. 

On Screen: No Child Left Behind Act Underfunded By $9 Billion [HR1, 2001; FY2005 Bush Budget]

George W. Bush: Iíve got a plan to do something about that, itís to make health care affordable and available. 

On Screen: 3.8 million More Americans Lost Health Insurance [Census Bureau, HHI Tables, Table H1, 2003]

George W. Bush: Our budget will run a deficit that will be small and short term. 

On Screen: Annual Deficit To Exceed $400 Billion For Next 10 Years  [CBPP, analysis of CBO, 2/1/04]

George W. Bush: We should and must provide the best care for anybodyís whoís willing to put their life in harmís way. 

On Screen: 200,000 Veterans Cut From Health System [Department of Veterans Affairs, 9/03]

George W. Bush: Weíre going to set aside all the payroll taxes aimed for Social Security and spend it on Social Security. 

On Screen: Raids Entire $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund [Congressional Budget Office, 3/7/03]

George W. Bush: When we make a pledge, we mean it. We keep our word. 

On Screen
2.9 Million Jobs Lost
Underfunded No Child Left Behind
3.8 Million Lose Insurance
$400 Billion Deficits
200,000 Veterans Cut
Social Security Raided

George W. Bush (audio repeated): We keep our word.

John Kerry: We need a President whoís on your side. Iím John Kerry and I approved this message.

On the screen: Opens with two text screens: "We Make a Pledge" then "We Keep Our Word."  A series of video clips of President Bush speaking.  Swipe and sound freezes each clip to a B&W still and text is added.  The close is Kerry speaking to the camera.
Notes and Observations: Hmm, so if he doesn't keep his word, does that make him a liar?