John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Iowa Announcement"
30-second ad run in Iowa (Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Quad Cities / Davenport, Mason City and Omaha, and on selected cable outlets) starting Sept. 3, 2003.


[Music] John Kerry: I believe the courage of Americans [cheers] can change this country. 

I believe the resolve of Americans can break the grip of special interests and bring back jobs 

and finally open up health care to all. 

Your courage can make sure we do whatís right for our country, and I am honored to join you as a candidate for the President of the United States of America. 

Iím John Kerry, and I approve this message.

On the screen: 1. MCU of Kerry speaking; flags in background; add text "Des Moines, Iowa September 2, 2003."   2. Close up of Kerry signs waving.  3. Wide shot of crowd.  4. MCU of Kerry speaking (same shot as 1); add text "Sen. John Kerry."  5. Medium shot of Kerry from the side.  6.  MCU of Kerry speaking (shot 1).  7. Crowd with signs waving.  8. MCU of Kerry speaking (shot 1).  9. Kerry, away from the podium, speaks directly to the camera and points to the audience; the shot starts wide and zooms in.
Notes and Observations: This ad and the companion ad "Strength" recall the real time ads Bush used in his 2000 NH primary campaign.  "Strength" and "Iowa Announcement" were produced overnight in Iowa from footage of Kerry's Sept. 2 announcement in Des Moines.  The closing clip of Kerry speaking directly to the camera provides a nice offbeat touch.