John Kerry for President, Inc.

60-second ad run in Iowa and NH starting Sept. 9, 2003.



[SFX: Helicopter blades] John Kerry from Foreign Relations Committee testimony, 1971:  How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam?  [Fade music up]  How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? 

Male Announcer Voice Over:  John Kerry… The 25 year old swift boat commander who won 3 purple Hearts and the Silver Star for bravery… 

…then came home and helped rally the nation against that war.  Ever since, he’s been on the frontlines of the fights that matter. 

The new Senator who defended a woman’s right to choose. 

Sounded the alarm on terrorism years before 9/11. 

Stopped George Bush and the oil companies from drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. 

Now he’s running for president. 

John Kerry: We need to get some things done in this country – affordable health care, rolling back tax cuts for the wealthy, really investing in our kids. 

But right now, too many in politics are afraid to take on powerful interests… or they’re like George Bush and are working hand-in-hand with them. 

I believe the courage of Americans can change this country. 

I’m John Kerry.  And that’s why I approved this message.

On the screen: The first 36 seconds is a montage of images (19 different clips).  The rest of the ad consists of Kerry talking to the camera, interrupted by one text screen. 

1. Helicopter on the ground.  2. Swift boat on river, with American flag.  3. Helicopter in air.  4. Capitol Hill hearing with text "Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1971."  5. Young Kerry testifying.  6. Kerry in uniform, zoom out.  7. B&W photo of Kerry receiving award (Admiral Zumwalt awarding Kerry the Silver Star in 1969).  8. Video clip of Kerry wearing fatigues and carrying a gun, in the jungle.  9. Young Kerry speaking into a microphone.  10. A large crowd.  11. Kerry  12. Clip of Kerry with kids.  13. B&W shot of Kerry.  14. Clip of Kerry interacting.  15. Kerry at hearing.  16. Cover of Kerry's book, The New War.  17. Zoom in on Kerry speaking to reporters. 18. Caribou in river with text "Kerry takes on Bush over Arctic drilling." 19. Clip from Kerry's announcement in South Carolina. 

20. Close up of Kerry talking to the camera.  He's wearing a blue shirt and tie.  Light is coming in through the windows behind him.  21. Text screen.  22. Close up of Kerry talking.

Notes and Observations: According to the press release, quoting campaign manager Jim Jordan, "With these ads, John Kerry is introducing himself to voters, relating the battles he's fought, the values he stands for, the vision for America he will pursue as president." As in two of the campaign's first three ads "Iowa Announcement" and "Leadership" Kerry again invokes courage, stating, "I believe the courage of Americans can change this country."   In this ad, however, it is done as a voiceover; when Kerry states, "I believe the courage of Americans can change this country," the text on the screen says, "The courage to do what's right for America."
says, "The courage to do what's right for America."