John Kerry for President, Inc.

"The Courage to Take On Bush and the Special Interests" 
30-second ad run in Iowa starting Nov. 17, 2003.


Note: Bush campaign reports this ad ran 641 times in the following markets: Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Des Moines, Manchester.

Male Announcer: George Bush.  He let corporate lobbyists rewrite our environmental laws, sided with polluters not taxpayers, and now he's trying to roll back the Clean Air Act.

John Kerry.  He stopped Bush and the oil companies from drilling in the Arctic and has a plan for energy independence.

John Kerry: I want to develop alternative fuels and more efficient cars.  We'll create 500,000 new jobs and we'll never have to send young Americans to war for Mid-East oil again.

Announcer: John Kerry.  The courage to do what's right.

John Kerry (voiceover): I'm John Kerry and I approved this message.

On the screen: 1. Photo of Bush moves to left side of the screen.  Various images and text then appear on the right side while the Bush photo remains.  2. On right side text "George Bush"  3. On right side of screen is image of several people in corridor and text "Let corporate lobbyists rewrite our environmental laws" (New York Times).  4. On right side of screen is image of people in protective clothing and a barrel and text "Sided with polluters not taxpayers" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).  5. On right side of screen is clip of smokestack and text "Now Bush is trying to rollback the Clean Air Act" (Associated Press).  6.  Bush image off; full text screen "John Kerry" white text on black background.  7. Image of ANWR and text "Kerry takes on Bush over Arctic drilling".  8. Image of windmills and text "Plan for energy independence."  9. Equipment in corn field and text "Plan for energy independence."  10. Medium close up of Kerry taking to the camera; text "Alternative fuels" and then "Efficient cars" added.  11. Medium wid shot of Kerry talking to the camera; text "500,000 new jobs."  12.  MCU of Kerry talking to camera.  13. Text screen "The courage to do what's right for America."  14.  Clip of Kerry interacting with a small group of voters [voicover].
Notes and Observations: LCV noted that this appeared to be the first candidate ad of the election to focus on environmental issues