John Kerry for President, Inc.

"No Mr. President" 
30-second ad run in Iowa starting Nov. 24, 2003.



[Music] Male Announcer: George Bush's ad says he's being attacked for attacking the terrorists. 

No Mr. President, America's united against terror.

The problem is you declared "mission accomplished" but had no plan to win the peace, and handed out billions in contracts to contributors like Halliburton.

John Kerry: I'm John Kerry and I approved this message because we can't go it alone in Iraq.  We have to share the burden with other countries. 

We shouldn't be cutting education and closing firehouses in America while we're opening them in Iraq. 

On the screen: 1. TV monitor shows part of the RNC ad "Reality" (clip from State of the Union and text screen).  2. Flag waving and text "America is united against terror."  3. Bridge of aircraft carrier with "Mission Accomplished" banner.  4. Clip of Bush in flight suit on deck of the aircraft carrier and text "But you had no plan to win peace"  5. Building with Halliburton sign and text "Billions in contracts to contributors"  6. Medium close up of Kerry talking to the camera.  7. Medium wide shot of Kerry talking to the camera.  8. Medium close up of Kerry talking to the camera.  9. Text screen.  10. Medium close up of Kerry talking to the camera with disclaimer and website address.
Notes and Observations: This is a response to the RNC ad "Reality."   Compared to the Dean campaign's response ad "Misled," "No Mr. President" is more directly confrontational towards Bush.