Kucinich for President, Inc.

"U.N. In!-U.S. Out!"
30-second ad run in NH starting approx. Jan. 14, 2004.


Dennis Kucinich: If you believe it was wrong to go into Iraq, then you know it's just as wrong to stay there.

Each day our presence creates new terrorists.

As commander in chief I'll take a new plan to the UN to bring in UN peacekeepers and bring our troops home.

Unfortunately even Howard Dean says we have to keep our troops there for years. 

Sounds like another Vietnam.  Let's not fall into that trap again.

Female Annnouncer: With your vote Kucinich will lead the world--to peace.

Kucinich: I'm Dennis Kucinich and I'm running for president.  Do I approve this commercial?  You bet.


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