Kucinich for President, Inc.

Oregon ad
30-second ad run in Oregon for the April 28-May 18, 2004 mail-in primary.


Dennis Kucinich: Hi, I'm Dennis Kucinich and I've approved this ad because your vote for me will give the Democratic Party the courage to stand for bringing our troops home from Iraq.

We must challenge the Bush administration, give up control of the oil, the contracts, bring in U.N. peacekeepers and bring our troops home.  

Your vote for me will tell our party say no to sending more troops, no to a draft, no to endless war, and yes to a new plan for peace in Iraq and the world.

If Oregonians' hearts say there must be peace and an end to the violence, then yes vote for me, Dennis Kucinich for President.


On the screen
Notes and Observations