Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

"I Like Joe"
60-second radio spot run in NH, released Jan. 25, 2004.

Integrity Minded Media

Announcer: Undecided? 

Liz Rosenfeld: I've changed my mind a lot, but Iíve kept an open mind about all the candidates.  

Announcer: Listen to these actual voters who have just decided. 

Liz Rosenfeld: The debate really surprised me. 

Dr. Alan Rosenfeld: Clearly, I thought that Joe Lieberman was the strongest candidate. 

Liz Rosenfeld: I really liked what Joe Lieberman had to say. 

Kathleen Osberg: Senator Lieberman has a lot of experience, and after all, this is the presidency we're talking about. 

Liz Rosenfeld:  I think Joe Lieberman is best suited to beat George Bush because he can appeal to independent voters. 

Dr. Alan Rosenfeld:  I liked what Joe Lieberman said about the war in Iraq, in particular his stance on human rights. 

Kathleen Osberg: I do like Joe Liebermanís passion on education. 

Liz Rosenfeld: Heís a man of integrity and conscience. 

Kathleen Osberg: I think Joe Lieberman of all them is the one who would make the best President. 

Dr. Alan Rosenfeld: After the debate, I decided to vote for Joe Lieberman. 

Liz Rosenfeld: The debate clearly changed my mind. 

Kathleen Osberg: Joe Lieberman is a man of integrity. 

Liz Rosenfeld: And he has what it takes to make a great President. 

Announcer:  Paid for by Lieberman for President. 

Liz Rosenfeld: I'm voting for Lieberman. 

Joe Lieberman: Iím Joe Lieberman and I approve this message. 

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