Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

30-second TV spot run in SC and OK starting Jan. 5, 2004.  This marked the start of the campaign's advertising in the two states.

Integrity Minded Media

[Music] Joe Lieberman:  I love America, but I hate the direction in which George Bush is taking us.

Male Announcer:  How do we defeat George Bush's extreme agenda?  It'll take more than extreme anger. 

Joe Lieberman has spent 30 years rejecting the extremes of both parties. 

Fighting against discrimination. 

Taking on corporate polluters. 

Helping protect children from trash culture. 

Standing strong against terrorism. 

Championing tax cuts for the middle class. 

Joe Lieberman: the integrity to fight for what's right.

Joe Lieberman:  Iím Joe Lieberman and I approve this message.

On the Screen:  1. Clip of Lieberman speaking in town hall meeting--a wide shot from above showing Lieberman, the audience, large American flag.  2. Lieberman speaking in town hall meeting--MCU with people and American flag in background.  3. From the town hall meeting, a man in a yellow baseball cap nodding.  4. Text screen "How do we defeat George Bush's extreme agenda?"  5. Text screen "It will take more than extreme anger."  6. Close up of hands, presumably Lieberman's, gesturing.  7. Medium wide shot of Lieberman in the town hall, several people in background.  8.  Lieberman in an outdoors setting shaking hands with a young African-American man. "Fighting discrimination"  9. MCU of Lieberman wearing suit and tie speaking, people behind him. "Taking on polluters"  10. Lieberman on playground with kids. "Helping children"  11.  MCU from town hall meeting, Lieberman is pointing and there are several people, flag, and red, white and blue decor in the background. "Standing against terrorism"  12. Lieberman shaking hands with a worker in a factory setting. "Tax cuts for middle class"  13. Text screen "The integrity to fight for what's right." and disclaimer.  14.  Lieberman walking down a line of people shaking hands, Lieberman signs in the background.

Notes and Observations