Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

"Only One"
30-second TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 6, 2004.

Integrity Minded Media

[Music] Male Announcer:  He's the only one who's proposed a new cut in tax rates for the middle class, not tax increases. 

The only one fighting for paid family and medical leave. 

He's the only one who's consistently taken a clear stand against terrorism and tyranny. 

Joe Lieberman's the only one with an economic plan more experts rate most effective in creating jobs.

The integrity, the decency, the determination, to bring us together to fight for what's right. 

Joe Lieberman (voiceover):  I'm Joe Lieberman and I approve this message.

On the Screen: 1. "Only One" in bold black letters on white screen; a larger "Only One" in grey streams by in the background.  2. Lieberman shaking hands with people in town hall meeting "New Cut in Tax Rates for Middle Class"  3. "Only One" graphic.  4. Lieberman interacting in a diner. "Paid Family and Medical Leave."  5. "Only One" graphic.  6. Bright flash.  7. Lieberman speaking in town hall; people and several red white and blue banners in background. "Clear Stand Against Terrorism and Tyranny"  8. "Only One" graphic.  9. Bright flash.  10. Lieberman in factory setting shaking hands. "Economic Plan"  11. Lieberman looking at some kind of monitoring device. "Rated Most Effective in Creating Jobs"  12. Lieberman and his mother, Marcia, in a town hall settting; people applauding and a large flag in the background. "Integrity."  13. Same clip continues. "Decency."  14. Pan across people applauding to focus on Lieberman at town hall. "Determination."  15. Lieberman walking down a line of people shaking hands, Lieberman signs in the background.  This is the same close used in earlier ads but has the words "Fight for What's Right" in addition to the disclaimer.  16. Lieberman giving woman a hug (also seen in an earlier ad).

Notes and Observations