Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

"I Love America"
60-second TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 18, 2004.

Integrity Minded Media

John F. Kennedy: While this year it may be a Catholic, in other years it may some day be a Jew. 

Lieberman: I am a candidate for President of the United States.

Announcer: His grandparents came to this country full of the dream of America.  But they never dreamed this big. 

Lieberman: Is America a great country or what?

Announcer: He was the first in his family to go to college. As a young man he joined the fight for civil rights. As Attorney General, Joe Lieberman stood up for women's rights and prosecuted polluters.  He spent 30 years working to open the doors of opportunity for others. 

Lieberman: I love America, but I hate the direction in which George Bush is taking us. 

Announcer: He's fighting to cut taxes for 98 percent of all taxpayers. To make healthcare more affordable.  For paid family and medical leave.  Joe Lieberman has faith that we can make the promise of America real again for every American.

Lieberman: I'm going to bring the American Dream back alive because this is about the future of the greatest country in the world.  I'm Joe Lieberman and I approve this message.


Notes and Observations: