Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

"Great Country"
30-second TV spot run in AZ, DE, OK and SC starting Jan. 22, 2004.

Integrity Minded Media

Announcer: His grandparents came to this country full of the dream of America.  But they never dreamed this big. 

Lieberman: Is America a great country or what?

Announcer: He was the first in his family to go to college. He joined the fight for civil rights. As Attorney General, Joe Lieberman stood up for women's rights.  

Lieberman:  I'm going to bring the American Dream back alive.

Announcer: He's fighting to cut taxes for the middle class.  To make healthcare more affordable.  For paid family and medical leave.  

Lieberman: This is about the future of the greatest country in the world.  I'm Joe Lieberman and I approve this message.


Notes and Observations: 30-second version of "I Love America," the 60-second ad running in NH.