Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

"Choose a President - Delaware"

60-second radio spot run in DE starting Jan. 30, 2004.

Integrity Minded Media

Announcer: Are you trying to pick a candidate for President?  Be bold. Choose integrity.  Joe Lieberman is a man of faith and conviction, with amoral compass we need in the White House.  Choose a moderate.  Joe Lieberman has always put aside partisanship to get results.  Thatís what we do here in Delaware.  Choose experience.  Joe Lieberman has spent thirty years as a champion of the middle class, expanding college loans, protecting Social Security, cutting taxes.  And Joe Lieberman has been a national leader in the fight against terrorism and tyranny.  Thatís experience we can rely on.  

Choose Delaware.  Joe Lieberman has spent more time in Delaware than any other candidate.  No wonder Delawareís leading Democrats have all endorsed Joe Lieberman.  Senator Tom Carper, Lt. Governor John Carney, and Treasurer Jack Markell all believe that Joe Lieberman is the best choice for Delaware and for America.  Ignore the pundits.  Choose a President -- Joe Lieberman.  Remember to vote on Tuesday.  Paid for by Lieberman for President.  

Joe Lieberman: Iím Joe Lieberman and I approve this message. 


Notes and Observations