Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

30-second TV spot for NH run starting Nov. 14, 2003 (replaces "Doing What's Right" in the rotation).

Integrity Minded Media

Joe Lieberman: The charges are flying back and forth in this campaign. 

I donít think itís right to have raised a divisive symbol like the confederate flag. 

Or to give up on principles like limiting the amount of money in campaigns, as John McCain and I have fought for. 

Iím Joe Lieberman and I approve this message to focus this campaign on expanded access to health care, tax cuts for 98% of taxpayers, and deficit reduction to protect Social Security.  That would be a fresh start.

On the Screen: Lieberman in a diner talking directly to the camera.  The camera zooms in.  Add website address and disclaimer at the end.

Notes and Observations: Filmed in the Merrimack Restaurant in Manchester, NH, "Focus" continues the "On the Road" series of ads.  In a conference call upon release of "Focus," Mandy Grunwald stated that the ad aims to "focus the race on issues that matter to people."  Dean is not mentioned by name but the references are clear enough; Lieberman continues on the flag flap flurry of earlier in the month and also criticizes Dean's decision to forgo matching funds (announced Nov. 8).  One could argue that those events are last week's news or that the ad is a thinly veiled attack on Dean, but Grunwald stated, "It's not a spot about him."  Likely hoping to attract Independent voters, Lieberman associates himself with the golden name of John McCain.