Joe Lieberman for President, Inc.

"Straight Talkers"
30-second TV spot for NH run starting Nov. 25, 2003.

On Dec. 5 the campaign announced that earlier in the week it began airing the "Straight Talkers" ad on Boston network affiliates WBZ, WCVB, WHDH, WSBK and WFXT, a purchase of $300,000.  

Integrity Minded Media

Announcer:  Something's happening...

Rebecca Scott:  An ethical leader.

Announcer:  McCain supporters are backing Joe Lieberman. 

Rhonda Della Salla: They're both straight talkers.

Lorraine Perkins:  Both John McCain and Joe Lieberman vote their own conscience. 

Randy Dirth:  They both get past the party ideology and focus on the key issues.

Announcer:  Joe Lieberman stood up to combat global warming, defend our security and close corporate loopholes. 

Melinde Lutz Sanborne:  I think it goes back to integrity. 

Don Byrne:  Someone I can trust and believe in. 

Bob Stone:  Four years ago I supported John McCain, this year it has to be Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman:  I'm Joe Lieberman and I approve this message.

On the Screen: 1. Text screen "Something's Happening" (white text on black).  2. Rebecca Scott.  3. Text screen "McCain Supporters Backing Joe Lieberman."  4. Rhonda Della Salla.  5. Lorraine Perkins.  6. Randy Dirth.  [7.-12. Montage of Lieberman clips]  7. Camera sweeps around and finds Lieberman speaking to a group.  8. Lieberman interacts with child.  9. Lieberman picks up child; text "Combat Global Warming."  10. Lieberman speaking (same event as 7.)  11. Lieberman speaking (same event as 7.); text "Defend Our Security."  12. Lieberman shaking hands with a worker in a plant; text "Close Corporate Loopholes."  13. Melinde Lutz Sanborne.  14. Don Byrne.  15. Bob Stone.  16. Lieberman shakes hands and interacts with some of the McCain supporters. 

Each of the individuals is identified as a "McCain Supporter for Joe" except Bob Stone who is a "McCain Town Chair for Joe."

Notes and Observations: On November 16, 2003 the campaign announced its "McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman" Steering Committee.  The week this ad was released, the campaign also distributed a letter to 25,000 targeted New Hamsphire households, in which several McCain town chairs explained why they are supporting Lieberman.