New Democrat Network

:30 TV ad.  One of two ads run in Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV starting March 5, 2004.


[Natural Sound]  VO: Con los Demócratas, renace la esperanza. 

[Natural Sound]

Buenos días Miguel. 

Hola, Doña Isabel.

VO:  Los demócratas siempre han sido nuestros mejores amigos.  Con ellos nuestro progreso está asegurado. 


On the Screen: Man sitting on his front step reading a newspaper comes upon a headline "Latinos Aplauden Iniciativias Demócratas."  He looks at a run-down, graffiti-covered school and it is transformed into a sparkling new building; he looks at a gang roughing up an older man and they are transformed into a soccer team and their coach; and he looks at an old market and it is transformed.  Smiling, he gets up and walks away; the dull grey-green foliage on the trees becomes a vibrant green.
Notes and Observations