New Democrat Network

"Promesas Rotas" 
:30 TV ad.  One of two ads run in Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV starting March 5, 2004.


[Music] Male VO: Cuando quiso llegar a la Casa Blanca, George Bush prometió ser amigo de la comunidad latina y hacer lo mejor por nuestros niños. 

Pero no ha cumplido sus promesas.

Nos prometió invertir 18 mil millones de dólares en las escuelas más pobres.

Pero ahora quiere gastar miles de millones menos.

Escriba a la Casa Blanca y dígale al Presidente que los amigos cumplen su palabra.

Girl: Presidente Bush, ¿por qué ha roto su promesa? 


On the Screen: 1.  The White House; NDN disclaimer at bottom of screen.  2. Dissolve to white and zoom out to show girl standing in front of a school; the camera pans around her in a continuous motion and she keeps looking at the camera.  Several CGs are added.  3. Text screen.  4. Special effects rapidly jumbles the background behind the girl.  5. MCU of the girl talking to the camera.
Notes and Observations

Male VO: When he wanted to reach the White House, George Bush promised to be a friend of the Latino community and do what’s best for our children.

But he has not kept his promises.

He promised us he would invest 18 billion dollars for the poorest schools.

But now he wants to spend billions less.

Write the White House and tell the President that friends keep their word.

Girl (to camera): President Bush, why did you break your promise?