New Hampshire for Health Care

"Coffee Shop"
60 second radio ad run statewide in NH week of June 23- 29, 2003.  NHfHC reported the cost of the buy as "approximately $60,000."

McWilliams/Robinson & Partners


Female Announcer:   And now, some news from around the Granite State.

Male Announcer:  It happened in Portsmouth, over in Peterborough and up in Laconia too.  One hundred and seventeen of our towns and cities passed the Health Care for New Hampshire resolution that says: If you're running for President, you need to make providing accessible, quality, and affordable health care a top priority.

Over 15,000 voters have signed on to the resolution.  So have local small businesses and health care providers. 

Because right here in New Hampshire, we're paying the second highest health insurance rates in the country.

So what can you do about it?

Join us, visit and find out how you can become a health care voter.  And the next time you see one of those presidential candidates at the coffee shop or out on Main Street ask 'em: What are you going to do about health care?

Female Announcer:  Paid for by New Hampshire for Health Care.

Male Announcer:  You know the longer we wait to fix health care, the worse the problem's going to get.