New Hampshire for Health Care

"NH Poster"
30-second TV spot run in NH starting Aug. 7, 2003.  NHfHC reported the cost of the buy at $100,000 and said the ad would run statewide on select New Hampshire and Boston stations for 11 days.

MacWilliams, Robinson & Partners

Brooke Gurley, RN:  I'm a nurse.

And I know when you're sick; the longer you wait, the worse you get.

Everybody should be able to get health care, but it's harder and harder for families to find coverage they can afford.

It'll take every one of us, government and business, you and me, to solve this problem.

We've got to ask every candidate running for President what they're going to do about healthcare - and how they're going to pay for it. 

And we can't quit 'til we get some real answers.

Fixing healthcare isn't going to be easy, but the longer we wait, the worse its going to get.