Citizens Seeking Honest Answers

30-second TV ad running on WITI Fox 6 in Milwaukee, WI Nov. 1, 2004.

[Bell SFX]  (Ad is text only, no narration):  The Nii Jii corporation tried to open a Kenosha casino in 1999. 

According to the New York Times, Chicago Sun Times and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel two major shareholders of Nii Jii did business with criminals linked to Chicago's organized crime bosses.

Now a founding Board Member of Nii Jii is the developer behind the new casino project.

So lawyers for the casino contacted Washington, DC adn got an exemption from federal background checks on his past.

Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers.

Vote NO on the Kenosha Casino.
On the screen: Dark clouds and text.
Notes:  On Oct. 27 attorneys for Kenash Gaming Development LLC sent a letter to the FOX station running this ad terming it "libelous"and demanding that the station pull the ad.  The letter did not seem to have an impact as the ad was still running on Nov. 1