Sharpton 2004 Committee

"Stand With Me"
Radio ad run in DC starting January 8, 2004.

Meridian Hill Strategies (Washington, DC)


Al Sharpton:  This is Al Sharpton and I am running for President in D.C.'s Democratic Primary on January 13.
Will you fight to keep Dr. Martin Luther King's dream alive or will you let it die?
I have decided to fight.  Will you stand with me?
I am running for President to make high quality healthcare and high quality education fundamental rights for ALL Americans.
I am running to make sure that all Americans, and especially people of color, are never again deprived of their right to vote. 
I am running to help secure our piece of the American Dream by demanding equal economic opportunity and good paying jobs for our people.
I am running to demand Statehood for the District of Columbia. 
While other candidates refuse to campaign in the District for fear of offending Iowa and New Hampshire voters, I refuse to let the District's voters be disenfranchised. 
I ask for your vote on Tuesday, January 13th.  Together we can make sure that all of us have an equal opportunity to share in the American Dream. 
This Ad is paid for by Al Sharpton 2004.