Sharpton 2004 Committee

Cochran endorsement
Radio ad run in SC starting January 28, 2004.


[Music] Johnny Cochran: This is Attorney Johnny Cochran.  There's one candidate for President who's fighting to keep Dr. King's dream alive.  

Reverend Al Sharpton--a candidate with the boldness of Adam Clayton Powell, the courage of Rosa Parks and the commitment of Robert Kennedy.  

Al Sharpton has spent his life fighting for justice and equality.  Now he is demanding our seat at the table and our piece of the American dream.

Al Sharpton: This is Reverend Al Sharpton. 

I'm asking for your vote on February 3rd in the Democratic Presidential Primary.  Together we can stand up for fundamental human rights. 

Help me send the politicians a message--our needs will not be ignored.

Johnny Cochran: Jobs, education, housing, health care and getting guns off our streets.  

Al Sharpton: We want to share in America's Prosperity.  We will not be taken for granted.  

Johnny Cochran: Please vote for Al Sharpton. 

Al Sharpton: Paid for by Sharpton 2004.