Jobs for Kenosha

Two 30-second TV ads running in Milwaukee, WI Nov. 1, 2004.

Man 1:  The casino project is going to bring $2.5 million into Kenosha County schools.

Woman holding infant:  More classrooms, more extracurricular activities for the arts, science, and it's just an unbelievable amount of opportunities our schools are going to  have.

Woman:  I think that it'll make a positive impact on my children's education and on their future.

Man:  Vote yes for jobs, yes for the casino.

Woman:  For families and for our future vote yes for the Kenosha County Casino.

Man:  Vote yes for the casino on November 2nd.

Male Announcer:   Authorized and paid for by Jobs for Kenosha,  Mary [inaud.] Treasurer.

Woman 1:  There's a binding agreement and there are guarantees.

Man 1:  The casino's going to present tremendous opportunities not only for our students and new jobs in this district, but also it adds the ability to build new schools.

Woman 1:  Thousands of jobs that it's going to create; it's a great opportunity for young families to know that they have financial security.

Man 2:  I think it's the greatest opportunity this city ever had.  It's going to bring a lot of money into this economy.

Woman 2:  Vote yes for the casino.

Woman 3:  Vote yes.

Male Announcer:  Authorized and paid for by Jobs for Kenosha,  Mary [inaud.] Treasurer.
On the screen: Shots of people talking to the camera.