President George W. Bush-Campaign Organization, Vermont
New England Regional Chairman - Jim Tobin
Northeast Regional Political Director - Mike DuHaime

Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. 
Chairman Gov. Jim Douglas

no staff
RNC Committeeman Rudolphe "Skip" Vallee helped organize a bus trip for Republicans to help out in neighboring New Hampshire the weekend before Election Day.

Vermont Republican Party | 100 State Street, Suite 2  | Montpelier 
Chairman Jim Barnett
Elected chair on May 17, 2003.  Served as special assistant to Gov. Jim Douglas after serving as deputy campaign manager on his 2002 campaign.  Deputy associate director in the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House, 2001-2002.  Worked at the RNC in the 1998 and 2002 cycles.  Graduate of American University.

Barnett is a full-time chairman; there was one other person to run the office.
Victory Chair Susie Hudson
(For the last four weeks or so of the campaign)  Hudson is a past executive director of the party; she served in that position starting Feb. 2002.  Regional legislative political director for the RNC. Campaign manager for Ruth Dwyer's 1998 gubernatorial campaign.  Native of East Montpelier.

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