Bush-Cheney '04 Fundraising
Rangers and Pioneers

Rangers ($200,000 or more)
The initial group of 18 Rangers:
Katherine E. Boyd  -  owner, Katherine Boyd Interior Decoration; appointed by Pres. George H.W. Bush (41) to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Hillsborough, California
Joseph C. Canizaro  -  founder, president and chief executive officer of Columbus Properties, L.P., a commercial real estate development company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana   >
William O. DeWitt Jr.  -   president Reynolds DeWitt & Co. a Cincinnati-based investment firm; DeWitt and his wife were two of the four co-chairs of the 2001 Presidential Inaugural Committee, Ohio
Richard J. Egan  -  served as ambassador to Ireland, Aug. 2001-Jan. 2003; founder and chairman emeritus of EMC Corporation, Massachusetts   >
Christopher F. Egan  -  manages Carruth Capital, LLC, a real estate investment and development company in Westborough, Massachusetts   >
Frank E. Fowler  - art dealer (represents the original works of Andrew Wyeth); serves on the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee   >
Sam Fox  -  chairman, chief executive officer and founder of Harbour Group, Ltd.a privately owned company specializing in the acquisition and development of manufacturing companies; also national chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition. St. Louis, Missouri   >
Bradford M. Freeman  -  a founding partner of Freeman Spogli & Co., a privately owned investment firm, California   >
Al Hoffman  -  chief executive officer of WCI Communities, Inc., the largest master-planned community developer and builder in Florida, Fort Myers, Florida  >
Robert W. Johnson IV  -  a member of the founding family of Johnson & Johnson, Johnson is chairman and CEO of The Johnson Company, Inc., and the New York Jets, LLC, New York   >
Nancy G. Kinder  -  president of the Kinder Foundation; wife of Richard Kinder, chairman and chief executive officer of Kinder Morgan Inc., an energy company in Houston, Texas  >
Carl H. Lindner  -  chairman of the board, chief executive officer, founder and principal shareholder of American Financial Group, Inc. a financial holding company principally engaged in property/casualty and life insurance, Ohio >
Stan O'Neal  -  chairman, chief executive and president of Merrill Lynch, New York >
Jamie Reynolds  - along with Mercer Reynolds he owns Reynolds Plantation, an exclusive residential lake and golf community in Greene County, Georgia  >
Ned L. Siegel  - president and managing partner of The Siegel Group, a commercial development and real estate management company; also serves on the OPIC Board of Directors, Boca Raton, Florida   >
Gregory W. Slayton  -  Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Palo Alto, California
Eric Tanenblatt  -  chief of staff to Gov. Sonny Perdue, Georgia   >
Zachariah P. Zachariah, MD  -  prominent cardiologist in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Pioneers ($100,000 or more)
The initial group of 50 Pioneers:
Jack Abramoff, Washington, DC   -   Alfred S. Austin, Florida   -   Cathy Bailey, Kentucky   -   Lawrence E. Bathgate II, New Jersey   -   Carole L. Bionda, California   -   Teel Bivins, Texas   -   Michael M. Boone, Texas   -   Steve Burd, California   -   Al Cardenas, Florida   -   James Cayne, New York   -   Peter R. Coneway, Texas   -   Dan Cook, Texas   -   Alfonse D'Amato, New York   -   Michael J. Egan, Massachusetts   -   Thomas Everist, South Dakota   -   Richard T. Farmer, Ohio   -   Frank Gargano, New York   -   David F. Girard-di Carlo, Pennsylvania   -   Hank Greenberg, New York   -   Thomas L. Johnson, Texas   -   John C. Kern, Ohio   -   Bobbie & Bill Kilberg, Washington, DC   -   Fred W. Lazenby, Tennessee   -   Michael Lebovitz, Tennessee   -   Steve Lessing, New York   -   Tom & Nancy Loeffler, Texas   -  John Mack, New York   -  Bob Martinez, Florida   -  Fernando A. Mateo, New York   -   George E. Pataki, New York   -   Stephen P. Payne, Texas   -   Jerry Perenchio, California   -   Sergio Pino, Florida   -   Ralph Reed, Jr., Georgia   -   Thomas Renyi, New York   -   Thomas M. Reynolds, Washington, DC   -  Harold Reynolds, Georgia   -   Raul R. Romero, Texas   -   Dwight Schar, Virginia   -   Stephen A. Schwarzman, New York   -   Peter F. Secchia, Michigan   -   Alex G. Spanos, California   -   Ronald Spogli, California   -   Shawn & Michelle Steel, California   -   John T. Steen, Jr., Texas   -   W.R. Timken, Jr., Ohio   -   Dr. John B. Tsu, California   -  Bob Tuttle, California   -   Ray Washburne, Texas   -   J. Roger Williams, Texas.