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Highlights on the Road to the White House
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April 2003
Tues. Apr. 1

Wed. Apr. 2

Thurs. Apr. 3

Fri. Apr. 4

Sat. Apr. 5

Sun. Apr. 6 In Iowa, first of Sen. Tom Harkin's "Hear from the Heartland" forums - Sen. Edwards in Des Moines.

Mon. Apr. 7

Tues. Apr. 8

Wed. Apr. 9 -Statue of Saddam Hussein in al-Firdos Square, central Baghdad, is pulled down.
-Building Trades Conference (AFL-CIO) Legislative Conference's 2004 Presidential Candidates Forum  in Washington, DC.
-Children's Defense Fund's Presidential Candidates Forum on Children in Washington, DC.

Thurs. Apr. 10

Fri. Apr. 11

Sat. Apr. 12

Sun. Apr. 13

Mon. Apr. 14

Tues. Apr. 15 Filing date for first quarter FEC reports.

Wed. Apr. 16

Thurs. Apr. 17

Fri. Apr. 18

Sat. Apr. 19

Sun. Apr. 20

Mon. Apr. 21

Tues. Apr. 22

Wed. Apr. 23

Thurs. Apr. 24

Fri. Apr. 25

Sat. Apr. 26

Sun. Apr. 27

Mon. Apr. 28

Tues. Apr. 29

Wed. Apr. 30