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Highlights on the Road to the White House
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August 2003
Fri. Aug. 1

Sat. Aug. 2

Sun. Aug. 3 Sen. Tom Harkin's "Hear it from the Heartland" forum - Amb. Moseley Braun in Waterloo, IA.

Mon. Aug. 4

Tues. Aug. 5 -AFL-CIO Working Families Presidential Forum, Chicago, IL.

Wed. Aug. 6 -Sen. Tom Harkin's "Hear it from the Heartland" forum - Rev. Sharpton in Sioux City, IA.

Thurs. Aug. 7 Iowa State Fair, Des Moines --Aug. 7-17

Fri. Aug. 8

Sat. Aug. 9

Sun. Aug. 10

Mon. Aug. 11 Sheet Metal Workers' International Association Democratic Presidential Candidates Town Meeting at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Tues. Aug. 12 Oklahoma State Democratic Party Presidential Town Hall forum at Oklahoma State University's Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater, OK.

Wed. Aug. 13 Presidential forum at the Iowa Federation of Labor Convention in Waterloo, IA.

Thurs. Aug. 14 Presidential forum moderated by Gov. Tom Vilsack during the Governor's Conference on Public Health at Drake University in Des Moines, IA.

Fri. Aug. 15

Sat. Aug. 16

Sun. Aug. 17 Iowa State Fair, Des Moines --Aug. 7-17

Mon. Aug. 18

Tues. Aug. 19

Wed. Aug. 20

Thurs. Aug. 21

Fri. Aug. 22

Sat. Aug. 23

Sun. Aug. 24

Mon. Aug. 25

Tues. Aug. 26

Wed. Aug. 27

Thurs. Aug. 28

Fri. Aug. 29

Sat. Aug. 30

Sun. Aug. 31