Lawton Constitution

February 1, 2004

Democrats should nominate Wesley Clark

Southwest Oklahoma Democrats would be wise to nominate retired Gen. Wes Clark on Tuesday's presidential primary ballot. Using strong negotiating skills, the former NATO commander ended the brutal dictatorship in Yugoslavia without losing an American life. Clark is from Arkansas and he knows what Oklahomans and military communities are all about. Simply put, he understands us better, and he won't forget his roots.

Three of the other candidates are from New England, and their values, ideas and environment - like their annual snowfall accumulation - are different from most Oklahomans.

If Clark can win Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona and South Carolina, he could be in a strong position at the state and national conventions. That would bring strong southern balance to the ticket. That could help Oklahoma not be forgotten.

The retired four-star general would bring a new perspective to the ongoing war on terrorism, even ending the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan sooner rather than later.

We urge Southwest Oklahomans Democrats to nominate Wesley Clark in Tuesday's presidential primary election.

Copyright 2004 The Lawton Constitution.  Reprinted by Permission.  (David Hale)