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December 12, 2003

Lieberman for Dem Nominee

The only Democrat candidate for President of the United States who is not a far out radical left winger is U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, former Vice President nominee for the Dems.

Lieberman is the only one of the "Tantrum Ten" who is anywhere like the more moderate, centrist, Democrats from Oklahoma.

He has even chided his fellow Democrat contenders for their opposition to bringing down the cruel dictatorship of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

He is no pantywaist who shrinks from his convictions on governance. He can get fired up about his personal beliefs. But, generally, he is not way out there in left field like the current favorite of the liberal Dems, Dr. Howard Dean. Joe Lieberman is a decent person.

Oklahoma's neutral and ballot-switching voters could never go for the soak-the-rich demagoguery of Dean, the divisive purely political panderer.

Oklahoma has a lot of respectable, intelligent, cool headed Democrats like David Boren, Gene Rainbolt, George High, Drew Edmondson, Cliff Hudson, Robert Butkin, Brad Henry and Andy Coats to name a few.

We doubt if it makes much difference in the country who the Democrats nominate because President George W. Bush has made his mark on the hearts and souls of American voters. Next election, he will get a 15% larger total popular vote then he got last time.

This newspaper obviously cannot editorially support a Democrat for the U.S. Senate because we can't stand the thought of sending an Oklahoma up there to be humiliated by having to follow the lead of the likes of Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a Democrat standard bearer who is a patriotic American.

Reprinted by permission. (Leonard Gourley 03/01/04)

Leonard Gourley, editor, publisher and CEO, made the endorsement.  He started the paper in 1974.