Wesley Clark-Campaign Organization, Delaware

Clark for President Delaware Leadership

Campaign Headquarters: 1823 W. 16th Street (corner of 16th and Lincoln), Wilmington
Delaware State Director John Oldfield
(Joined the campaign in September, 2003; arrived in Delaware on November 9, 2003)  Most recently, Oldfield co-founded the non-profit WaterLife Foundation in New York City, raising money for it throughout summer 2003.  Previously he worked five years at a business research firm in Manhattan.  Oldfield also has five years of experience with USAID contractors on democratization/nation-building projects in Africa and Eastern Europe.  He has been active in City Council races in New York City and Washington DC.
Volunteer Coordinator Ann Exline Starr

Delaware for Clark Leadership Committee
initial members announced Nov. 20, 2003
State Senator David Sokola (8th District) 
Samuel L. Shipley - former Chairman of the Delaware Democratic Party
Chuck Durante - Parliamentarian of the Delaware Democratic Party
more supporters
Ken Boulden - Clerk of the Peace, New Castle County, and former Executive Director of the Delaware Democratic Party
Cindy McDaniel-  Representative District Chair, Democratic Party, New Castle County (6th District)

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