January 19, 2004




 ·        Number of field offices: 11 (North Country, Upper Valley, Lakes Region, Concord, Dover, Cheshire County, Manchester, Nashua, Derry, Portsmouth and Veterans’ Outreach office)

 ·        Number of paid New Hampshire staff: 77

 ·        Number of full-time volunteers: 117

 ·        Number of volunteers who have worked in New Hampshire since October: 4,000+

 ·        Veterans for Clark staffers: 1 full-time, paid staffer and 5 full-time volunteers

 ·        Veterans for Clark supporters: 500+


 Voter contact

 ·        Phone calls made from Manchester HQ to Manchester residents: 72,000+

 ·        Phone calls made from all NH offices to NH voters: 200,000+

 ·        Number of automated or paid calls: 0

 ·        Number of negative calls: 0

 ·        Average personal calls per day from Manchester HQ: 5,000

 ·        Phone calls made from out of state to NH voters: 25,000+

 ·        Personal letters to NH voters from around the country: 150,000

 ·        Average daily hits on www.newhampshireforclark.com: 1,025



 ·        Number of “Conversations with Clark” since Jan. 1: 25

 ·        Estimated number of New Hampshire voters who have seen Wes Clark since Jan. 1: 20,000

 ·        “Hard count” predicted attendance for Jan. 3 Conversation with Clark in Portsmouth: 250

 ·        Actual attendance for Jan. 3 Conversation with Clark in Portsmouth: 1,000+

 ·        “Hard count” predicted attendance for Jan. 17 All America Rally: 500

 ·        Actual predicted attendance for Jan. 17 All America Rally: 2,000+

 ·        Days available to build crowd for Jan. 17 All America Rally: 3


 ·        Number of yard signs distributed: 20,000

 ·        Number of yard signs on order: 25,000

 ·        Number of large 4x8 signs on display in the state: 500

 ·        Number of “American Son” DVDs distributed to NH residents: 75,000

 ·        Number of volunteers “Waving for Wes” on Wednesday, Jan. 14: about 100

 ·        Temperature in Laconia on “Waving for Wes Wednesday,” Jan 14: -25 degrees (with wind chill).  As one campaign staffer said, “It was colder in Dover, New Hampshire than it was on the surface of the moon.  We went canvassing.”

 Paid communications

 ·        Number of weeks ads have been airing in NH: 10

 ·        Average weekly number of GRPs in January: 1,100 points


 For more information on Wes Clark’s New Hampshire campaign, contact Mo Elleithee at x.


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