January 1st, 2004                             NH Press Office


 A Quick Glimpse of the Dean Campaign in New Hampshire in the Year of 2003

MANCHESTER - Dean for America began 2003 with seven paid staffers, $157,000 in the bank and 432 known supporters.  In New Hampshire, Dean for America had two staffers and no offices.

At the end of 2003, Dean for America now has raised more than $40 million and has 552,000 known supporters nationwide.  The following is a list of numbers that Dean for America has been able to accomplish in New Hampshire in the past year.

2003 by the Numbers

1    Statewide Headquarters (Manchester)
5    Local labor unions endorsing Governor Dean in New Hampshire (SEIU, AFSCME, NEA-NH, CWA, UAW)
13    Regional field offices (Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Dover, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon, Manchester, Nashua, North Conway, Portsmouth, Rochester, Salem)
13    Dean Organizing Conventions
19    Town Hall Meetings by Governor Dean with New Hampshire voters
21    Editions of the New Hampshire Dean Report
33    House Parties with Governor Dean
42    NH State Representative endorsements
55    Days Howard Dean has campaigned in New Hampshire
71    Press Releases Sent Out
81    Dean Staffers who live with Dean Supporters
81    Dean Supporters Running to be Dean Delegates to the Democratic National Convention
101    MeetUps held across New Hampshire
114    Out-of-State Volunteer buses that have come to New Hampshire
127    Total number of events and appearances by Howard Dean
128    Members of "NH Veterans for Dean for America"
207    "Winterns" in New Hampshire
247    Computers for campaign use
264    Positive letters to the editor written by Dean Supporters to New Hampshire newspapers
294    Members of "Doctors for Dean"
635    Number of notes to NH supporters handwritten by Howard Dean
1277    House meetings held by Dean supporters with neighbors and friends about Gov. Dean
1304    NH teachers who are committed Dean Supporters
2160    "New Hampshire for Dean" Posters downloaded from the Internet
2426    Registrants to Dean Organizing Conventions and Regional Conventions
2258    New Hampshire residents signed up for Dean MeetUps at
3176    New Hampshire donors to Dean for America (through September)
3286    People from other states who have come to New Hampshire to volunteer
6888    One-on-One meetings held between Dean Field Organizers and NH voters
10,000+   Number of NH Voters who have attended a Dean House Meeting
22,000    Bumper stickers distributed to NH Supporters
26,000    Feet of phone and data cable in New Hampshire offices
30,900    Estimated NH voters who have met and heard Governor Dean this year
60,000+   NH Voters invited to Dean House Meetings by a Neighbor or Friend who is a Dean Supporter
110,000+   Doors of New Hampshire voters knocked on
120,000+   Phone calls to New Hampshire voters made
$418,847    Contributed to Dean for America from New Hampshire donors (through September)
500,000+   Pieces of Dean literature distributed to NH Voters