Dean Gains Labor Support in Iowa

On August 5, 2003 in advance of the AFL-CIO convention in Chicago, the campaign announced some labor supporters:

Michael Gerhart, John Deere Employee, UAW Local 893, Melbourne
Shon Breakey - BLE, Boone
Bill Sylvester, retired Painter local #214, Sioux City
Ralph Arndt, UFCW local #1142, Sioux City
Linda Nelson, ISEA, Council Bluffs
Anne James , retired ISEA, Sioux City
Jim Healy, retired UAW local #94, Dubuque
Andy Anderson, UAW local #1237, Keokuk
Bernard Ortiz, Great Plains Laborers District Council, Des Moines
Alice Clinton Boyd, ISEA, Des Moines
Beverley Rens, retired SEIU, Brooklyn
Jerry Stych, UAW Local 1024 Retirees President, Cedar Rapids
Loran Garland, PAC of IBEW local #405, Cedar Rapids
Mike O'Donnell, President of Bricklayers Local #3, Cedar Rapids
Gayle Tellin, CWA local #7108, Westgate
Ron McLaughlin, retired UAW President local #838, Cedar Falls
Matt Porter, Vice President of CWA, local #7108, Waterloo
Dan Bednar, AFSMCE local 3015, Fort Dodge
Paul Mann - Former Chair of ISEA, NEA, Des Moines
Patty Graham - ISEA, NEA, Des Moines