Subject: Dean Announces Iowa Advisory Committee on Education
For Immediate Release: Contact: Sarah Leonard
September 17, 2003

Dean Announces Iowa Advisory Committee on Education
Nearly 300 Iowa Educators supporting Dean, helping to form policy

Des Moines-Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, MD, announced today the formation of a committee of Iowa educators to advise him on education issues as he prepares his national education policy. Nearly 300 Iowa educators will serve on this committee which will hold its first teleconference with Dean education policy staff next week.

"When George W. Bush became President he told Iowa educators how to run their schools without the appropriate resources and support," Dean said. "I plan to take a different approach. I believe educators in Iowa can provide valuable advice to me and my campaign as we put together our education policy for America."

Governor Dean plans to present his national education policies in the coming weeks. In addition to advising Dean and his campaign on education policy, the committee of Iowans will advise other Iowa educators and Iowa Democrats on who to support in the Iowa Caucuses. Starting this Saturday, National Dean Visibility Day, Iowa educators will knock on doors and spread the word about Governor Dean's education positions.

"George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind Act has increased costs and regulations while his economic policies have caused cuts in financial support for our schools," said Rob Abbott, a former school superintendent for 22 years. "Governor Dean is the only Democrat running for President who did not support the No Child Left Behind Act's unfunded mandate. The Washington D.C. candidates not only supported the Act, some skipped the vote to fully fund it."

As Governor of Vermont, Dean's administration required and paid for high standards (but not standardized) testing, and published the school-by-school results annually. Second, his administration used professional development to help non-performing teachers and schools do a better job. The state of Vermont can take over a failing school, although that has never been necessary. Finally, the state pays a substantial share of new school construction.

The following are members of Governor Dean's Iowa Education Advisory Committee:
Barb Haas, Keokuk, school Nurse
Alan Nelson, Keokuk, high school history teacher
Steve Martin, Ft. Madison, school board member
Shirley Harrison, South Amana, Montessori school teacher
Perah Read, Victor, school board member
David Heusinkveld, Amana, high school teacher
Dawn Schulte, Burlington, high school teacher
Bonnie Wilson, Burlington, high school teacher
Kent Harshbarger, Mediapolis, high school counselor
John Riessen, West Burlington, college instructor
Roxy Riessen, West Burlington, college instructor
Brian Carter, Mt. Pleasant, college instructor
Roger Johanson, Lisbon, college professor
David Loebsack, Mt., Vernon, college professor
Teresa Loebsack, Mt. Vernon, elementary school teacher
Hugh Lifson, Mt. Vernon, retired college professor
Don Swenson, Mt. Vernon, retired high school guidance counselor
Susan Alexander, Mt. Vernon, college admissions staff
Jeanette Gordon, Mt. Vernon, college registrar's office staff
Steven Sloan, Cedar Rapids, college admissions staff
Sue Astley, Lisbon, college professor
Sean Neilly, Cedar Rapids, high school teacher
Ian Petersen, Cedar Rapids, high school teacher
Mary Rowland, Cedar Rapids, retired elementary school teacher
Andrea Garland, Cedar Rapids, elementary school teacher
Lisa K. Alger, Lisbon, kindergarten teacher
Bob Thomas, Centerville, retired high school teacher
Hyman Joseph, Iowa City, college professor
Joan Huntley, Coralville, college professor
LaDonna Wicklund, Coralville, elementary school teacher
Leslie Marshall, Iowa City, college professor
Catherine Denial, Iowa City, graduate college instructor
Mark Hunter, Iowa City, college professor
Nate O'Leary-Rosenberry, Iowa City, graduate college instructor
Ben Solow, Iowa City, high school debate coach
Jacki Rand, Iowa City, college professor
Jennifer Harbour, West Branch, graduate instructor
Leslie Hall, Iowa City, college professor
Heather Waddell, Iowa City, graduate instructor
Herb Hethcote, Iowa City, college professor
Mary Ella Savarino, Coralville, college professor
Peter Hansen, Iowa City, college professor
Darlene Neff, Iowa City, retired college instructor
John Neff, Iowa City, retired college professor
Pat Vunderink, Iowa City, retired college professor
John Greener, Washington, high school teacher
Sharon Merz, Washington, retired public school teacher
Louise Frakes, Washington, retired public school teacher
Harold Frakes, Washington, retired public school teacher
James Gorham, Washington, retired elementary school principal
Karen Gorham, Washington, community college trustee
Buffy Quintero, Iowa City, international outreach coordinator
Janet Lessner, Iowa City, college professor
John Huntley, Coralville, college professor
Monie Hayes, Mt. Pleasant, former college professor
Marilyn Scott, Fairfield, elementary school teaching aide
Jim Rubis, Fairfield, public library librarian
Carolyn Ashbaugh, Sac City, university professor
Dr. Nasser Dastrange, Storm Lake, university professor
Dr. Richard Lampe, Storm Lake, university professor
Amy Foster, Storm Lake, university lecturer
Linda Thieman, Storm Lake, former university lecturer
Sherry Williams, Pocahantas, school guidance counselor
Ken Barker, Garner, youth counselor
Brenda Barker, Mason City, middle school teacher
Alan Steckman, Mason City, college instructor
Gary Herrig, Mason City, youth counselor
Jane Nagy, Forst City, high school teacher
Rose Hermonat, Geneva, pastor/youth outreach
Paul Nagy, Forest City, community college instructor
Jeff Long, Latimer, pastor/youth outreach
Cynthia Foos, Mason City, community college instructor
Jan Feustal, Mason City, retired special education teacher
Mark Feustal, Mason City, retired special education coordinator
Marty Salter, Fort Dodge, community college instructor
Andy Schuchart, Fort Dodge, community college instructor
Derek Barry, Fort Dodge, community college instructor
Dave Drissel, Fort Dodge, community college instructor
Roger Johnson, Belmond, school board member
Connie Johnson, Belmond, retired school administrator
Greg Stevens, Milford, high school teacher
Tom Hoover, Mallard, high school teacher
Joan Tunnicliff, Emmetsburg, retired teacher
Jeff Perrill, Peterson, retired teacher
Betty DeBerg, Cedar Falls, college professor
Katy Schares, Cedar Falls, teacher
Susan Hill, Cedar Falls, college professor
Mike Waggoner, Cedar Falls, college administrator
Jody Fossel, Waterloo, school board member, former school principal
Chris Kliewer, Cedar Falls, college professor
Mary Ann Gotera, Cedar Falls, college professor
Jim Young, Cedar Falls, teacher
Vince Gotera, Cedar Falls, college professor
Dave McCalley, Cedar Falls, retired college professor
Warren George, Waterloo, teacher
Karen Mitchell, Cedar Falls, college professor
Rhonda Fisher, Tama, college professor
Steve Kranz, Newhall, college professor
Larry Beck, Grundy Center, former college professor
Carrie Larson, Parkersburg, librarian
Yvonne Gaudes, Oelwein, high school teacher
Janet Lambert, Decorah, English as a second language teacher
Matt Oliphant, Waterloo, high school teacher
David Oliphant, Cedar Rapids, middle school teacher
Brian Birgen, Waverly, professor
Mariah Birgen, Waverly, professor
Carter Stevens, Denver, school board president
Doug McReynolds, Fayette, college professor
Mari Molseed, West Union, college professor
Linda Ridihalgh, Oelwein, retired teacher
Randall Schroeder, Waverly, librarian
Lyle Otte, Decorah, high school teacher
Rachel Vagts, Decorah, librarian
Mark Rhodes, Decorah, high school teacher
Ed Epperly, Decorah, retired college professor
Joyce Epperly, Decorah, retired librarian
Diane Martin, Decorah, retired teacher
George Trytten, Decorah, college professor
Ed Tebbenhoff, Decorah, college professor
John Strauss, Decorah , college professor
Jennifer Cantine, Decorah, college professor
Georgie Klevar, Decorah, teacher
Sue Vallem, Waverly, college professor
Robert Fitton, Decorah, teacher
Terry Sparkes, Decorah, college professor
Virginia Gibbs, Decorah, college professor
Rachel Sandhorst, Decorah, college professor
Bryon Owen, Ottumwa, elementary school teacher
Jim McCord, Centerville, high school teacher
Mary Jo Den Hartog, Centerville, high school teacher
Bill Russell, Lamoni, college professor
Jo Logan, Lamoni, college counselor
Bob Abbott, Tabor, retired school superintendent
Al Yeager, Ida Grove, teacher
Howard Hart, Shenandoah, community college instructor
Marla Hart, Shenandoah, school board member
Bill Lovelady, Orange City, retired college professor
Daria Pokela, Akron, teacher
Wayne Marty, Le Mars, retired college professor
Erin Weiland, Hinton, teacher
Bruce Kelly, Boone, community college instructor
Paul Mann, Des Moines, high school teacher
Toni Austin, Des Moines, elementary school teacher
Jon Neiderbach, Des Moines, school board member
Patti Graham, elementary school teacher
David Courard-Hauri, Des Moines, university professor
Stuart Shulman, Des Moines, university professor
Fred Adams, Des Moines, university professor
Glenn Buhr, Des Moines, retired college professor
Barbara James, Des Moines, reading resource instructor
Alice Clinton Boyd, Des Moines, elementary school teacher
Max Knauer, Des Moines, middle school teacher
Kittie Weston-Knauer, Des Moines, alternative high school principal
Cathy Lesser Mansfield, Des Moines, university law professor
Emily Smith, Des Moines, school therapist
Justin Gross, Des Moines, Latino outreach coordinator
Vincent DeAngelis, Des Moines, teacher
Bev Rens, Brooklyn, school board member
Elsie Ulland, Newton, retired special education teacher
Cheryl Jesse, Mitchellville, elementary school administrator
Brian Borovsky, Grinnell, college professor
Erik Simpson, Grinnell, college professor
Sylvia Thorson-Smith, Grinnell, retired college professor
Bill Gannon, Mingo, school board member
Sigmund Barber, Grinnell, college professor
Claire Moison, Grinnell, college instructor
Glen Jesse, Mitchellville, community college instructor
Linda Nelson, Council Bluffs, ISEA member
Ed Bremmer, Council Bluffs, ISEA member
Chris Gorman, Council Bluffs, ISEA member
Helen Hummel, Oakland, ISEA member
Dale Driver, Council Bluff, ISEA member
Sister Mary Lee Cox, Sioux City, English as a second language teacher
Jim Stroh, Sioux City, professor
Phil Hey, Sioux City, professor
Amy Lengeling, Sioux City, speech therapist
Ed Mazeika, Sioux City, retired professor
Anne James, Sioux City, school board president
Carl James, Sioux City, retired teacher
Brad Lego, Sioux City, middle school teacher
Laurie Arvin, Sioux City, special education
Wendy Lego, Sioux City, teacher
Jamie Steckelberg, Sergeant Bluff, college professor
Mohamed AI-Zeini, Sioux City, retired teacher
James Redmond, Sioux City, college professor
Barb Redmond, Sioux City, teacher
Debbie Paulson, Letts, teacher
Mark Patton, Wilton, former school board member
Hank Murray, Muscatine, high school teacher and coach
Dea Murray, Muscatine, school nurse
Ray Wilson, Dubuque, college professor
Frank Belcastro, Dubuque, college professor
Michael Anderson, Dubuque, college professor
Marcia Powell, Strawberry Point, technology teacher
Hank Bramman, Manchester, retired teacher
Mike Putz, Edgewood, high school teacher
Bruce West, Edgewood, retired principal
Bev Brink, Elkader, teacher's aide
Mike Murray, Elkader, high school teacher
Mildred Hall, Waukon, retired teacher
Carolyn Carr, Cresco, preschool teacher
Marsha Lass, Clinton, teacher's assistant
Art Ollie, Clinton, retired teacher
Polly Bukta, Clinton, retired teacher
Josh Duffee, Clinton, music teacher
Dr. Don Flory, Clinton, former school board member
Stephen Jones, Low Moor, elementary school teacher
Roberta Roesheim, Maquoketa, teacher, member of ISEA executive board
Arlie Willems, Anamosa, teacher
Bill Gallin, Davenport; teacher
Kim Knoche, Davenport, teacher
Brent Christie, LeClaire, retired teacher
Sheri Womack, Davenport, elementary school principal
Jeff Womack, Davenport, elementary school principal
Paul Elgatian, Davenport, college professor
Monica Kurth, Davenport, college professor
Tom Wolfe, Davenport, retired teacher
Christine Murcia, Bettendorf, teacher
Julie Ivory, Davenport, teacher
Bill Sherwood, Davenport, teacher
Sister Judith Carrara, Davenport, former college professor
Lisa Killinger, Davenport, college professor
Robert Rowell, Davenport, college professor
Representative Cindy Winckler, Davenport, teacher
Laura Huffman, Bettendorf, teacher
Janice Boyd, Bettendorf, retired school counselor
Rachel Ivory, Bettendorf, teacher
Ray Mongiat, Davenport, retired teacher
Cathryn Mongiat, Davenport, retired teacher, library aide
Joann Hosch, Davenport, teacher
Trish Sirna, Davenport, community college administrative assistant
Linda Ruebling, Davenport, teacher's aide Fran Wolfe, Davenport, retired teacher
Christopher Ott, Davenport, current secondary teacher
Julia Mears, Iowa City, adjunct professor
Philip Mears, Iowa City, former law school professor
James Brown, Iowa City, registrar and former professor
Victoria Brown, Iowa City, history professor
Bill Stammerman, Dallas Center, retired teacher
Peter Marshall, Dallas Center, Spanish teacher
James Hufferd, Adel, community college instructor
Sally Garfield, West Des Moines, retired university instructor
Mary Swanson, West Des Moines, retired teacher
Graham Jones, Clive, teacher
Missy Jones, Clive, teacher
Kim Burns, Indianola, teacher
Lisa Ossian, Winterset, teacher
Ruth Carter, Carroll, middle school teacher
Carolyn Lloyd, Carroll, teacher aide
Mary Feser, Manning, teacher
Sue Cahill, Marshalltown, elementary teacher
Carol Bottom, Marshalltown, ADA special education instructor
Bob Christenson, Marshalltown, school board president
PJ Colbert, Marshalltown, community college instructor
Sue Crawford, Marshalltown, special education instructor
Sally Hansen, Marshalltown, special education teacher, Marshalltown Education Association President
Carole Permar, Marshalltown, community college Spanish instructor
Bert Permar, Marshalltown, retired community college instructor
Penny Weatherly, Marshalltown, at-risk coordinator
Susie Petra, Ames, art teacher
Jan LaVille, Ames, community college instructor
Roger Jacobsen, Ames, retired teacher
Irving Rosheim, Ames, retired teacher
Bernie Gerstein, Ames, retired professor
Robert McCarley, Ames, retired university faculty member
David Gradwohl, Ames, retired professor
Adela Licona, Ames, university professor
Lisa Hill, Ames, elementary school teacher
Don Faas, Ames, retired teacher
Jack Horowitz, Ames, retired university faculty member
Clark Ford, Ames, university professor
Geoff Abelson, Ames, university professor
Jane Halliburton, Ames, former teacher
Jim Hutter, Ames, university professor
Robert Alden, Ames, elementary school teacher
Marion(Duffie) Lorr, Ames, former teacher
Sharon Guber, Ames, retired teacher
Mary Stiegletz, Ames, university professor
Kathy Schneider, Ph.D., Des Moines, college professor
Sara Adams, Grinnell, college professor
Charlie Carpenter, Des Moines, university professor
Angelica Cardenas-Chaisson, Iowa City, social work researcher
Matt Goodlaxson, Iowa City, school board member
Beverly Rens, Brooklyn, school board member
Irlanda Hoffman, Marshalltown, Early Education Specialist
Jesse Wilcox, Ames, university administrator

Clare Gannon
Dean for America