Transcript of November 7, 2003 Auto Call on Public Financing:

Hello this is Joe Trippi, campaign manager for Howard Dean.  Our cmapaign is about getting the American people to fully participate in our democracy again and your action right now can set an example as to what full participation means.  We're asking you and 600,000 other Dean supporters to decide the future of our campaign, to decide whether our campaign should decline or accept federal matching funds.  Your decision will determine our ability to fight George Bush and his special interest money in the coming months.  Please check your e-mail right now to vote on your historic decision.  Time is running out, and you must vote by midnight Eastern time tonight.  If you vote to decline matching funds, please take a minute after you vote to pledge your support for our effort to defeat George Bush.  You can send a message right now that the people are stronger than the special interests and that we will win.  Voting ends at midnight Eastern time tonight.  Please check your e-mail and vote right away.  It'll only take a minute, and your full participation will change our country.  We really need to hear your voice on this decision.  Please vote now.  Thank you.