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November 10, 2003


Cite Dean's Foreign Policy Vision

MANCHESTER-Dean For America announced today that more than 125 veterans across New Hampshire have publicly endorsed Governor Howard Dean for President.  Many cited Governor Dean's plan for restoring a foreign policy consistent with American values as a principal reason for their support.

Said Governor Dean, "These veterans have sacrificed a great deal for their country, and I'm deeply honored by their support.  Together, we will work to restore the ideals they fought to protect.  I will not let these brave men and women down."

"I admired from day one Governor Dean's stand on Iraq and how wrong it was for us to unilaterally attack," said Thayer Kingsbury, a World War II veteran and Keene resident.

"I support Governor Dean for President because he stands up for what he believes without checking first to see if it will win him votes," said World War II and Vietnam veteran and Nashua resident Alphonse Haettenschwiller.

The list of New Hampshire veterans endorsing Governor Dean:

      Stanley P. Smith

      Norman Crawford            Navy
      Warren A. Roberge          Marines

      Ray J. Iannuzzelli         Army
      Peter D. Stearns           Army

      Anthony Keefer             Army

      Christopher Amaru          Army Reserve
      David A. Sheehan           Army

      John Ray                   Army

      Dr. Christopher Calhoun    Navy
      Homer Cates                Marine Corps
      David Haynes               Marine Corps
      Jim Partin                 Air Force; International Guard
      Michael Sills              Army

      Harold Nelson              Army

      David Bishop               Army

      Richard Wickboldt          Army

      Jules Doner                Air Force

      Sam Defreese               Air Force

      Sam Foisy                  Navy
      Arthur Palmer              Navy
      Rene Sabetto               Army

      Chris Bofinger             Marines
      William Halacy             Air Force
      John Hoar                  Army Air Corps
      William P. Kiernan         Navy
      William Kuhlman, Jr.       Navy & Air Force
      Charles Lilly              Navy
      David Morin                Branch Withheld
      Ralph Sartwell             Navy
      Bruce Sartwell             Army Ranger
      Arthur Warwick             Army

      Allen Fields               Navy

      Jay Judson Dean            Air Force
      Richard H. Fall            Navy
      Paul Masse                 Army
      Joseph McDonald            Army
      John F. Shepard            Navy
      Howard O. Stith            Army

      William H. Annis           Army
      W. Arthur Grant            Air Force

      C. James Martel            Air Force

      Rena McDonald              Nurses Corp
      Raphael McDonald           Navy/ National Guard

      John Vail                  Army

      Larry Colby                Army Infantry

      Patrick Tucker             Army

      Rodny Sawyer               Air Force

      Howard Beardslee           Navy

      Francis M. Dymnicki        Air Force
      Stephen G.  Jones          Navy
      Frederick T. Wilson        Army

      Thomas P.  Duprex          Navy
      George McKelvey            Army
      Jason T. Tann              Army

      Robert Clark               Air Force
      Martin Curran              Navy
      Ronald Lavallee            Army
      Stephany Marchut Lavallee  Army

      Robert Ehlers              Marine Corps

      Roland Bedard              Navy
      Rita M. Clark              Branch Withheld

      Martin Anderson            Army

      James T. Dunn              Army
      Paul D. Cote               Army
      H. Thayer Kingsbury        Army Air Force Medical Corps

      Harold Cohen               Navy

      Donald B  Johnson          Army

      Thomas G. Dolan, Jr.       Air Force

      Warren Geissinger          Air Force
      William Nichols            Navy

      William Longmaid           Navy
      James Mitchell, Jr.        Air Force
      John Bennett O'Brien       Navy

      Richard A. Gardner         Air Force

      David Schurman             Navy

      David Alperovitz           Navy
      James Edwards              Navy
      William J. Farrell         Navy
      Peter Giampa               Marine Corps
      Paul Harkinson             Branch Withheld
      Robert Lord                Army Reserves
      Elaire Perron              Air Force
      Jessica Tustin             National Guard
      Frank Weaver               Army
      Michael White              Navy

      Barry Tolman               Navy

      Norman Carr                Air Force
      Norman Phillips            Army Air Force
      Jack Rothman               Marines

      Tom Deary                  Navy
      Alphonse Haettenschwiller  Army
      John J. Schena             Air Force

      Lee Townsend               Army

      Richard Hamm               Navy

      Bill Andrews               Navy

      Michael Ploski             Air Force

      Peter Dodge                Air Force

      Christine Tappan           Army

      William Hrasky             Army
      James Shea                 Navy

      Bruce A. Iverson           Navy
      Clifford Ross              Navy and Army
      Phil Rowe                  Army
      George Shultis             Army
      Earl W. Titus              Air Force
      Charlie Vaughn             Air Force

      William Bradley            Air Force

      Laurence Kelley            Marines
      Douglas G.  Stanton        Army

      Curtis Hoffman             Air Force

      Brian J. Anderson          Army
      Kenneth E. Parr            Army

      Jeffrey R. Fleischmann     Air Force
      Frederick C. Rozelle, Jr.  Navy

      Richard J. Couture         Air Force
      Clair A. Snyder            Navy

      Geoffrey T. Jones          Coast Guard

      John Penney                Navy

      Frank Hart                 Air Force

      Charles P. Stroble         Air Force

      Anita M. Stafursky         Air Force

      John McCausland            Army
      David Trimbur              Air Force

      Walter R. Carroll          Army

      James Cain                 Army
      Joseph C. Calitri          US Air Corps
      Linda M. Chinn             Air Force

      Wolfe W. Schmokel          Army