DES MOINES -- Iowans for Dean announced Nov. 15 nearly 100 key Iowa Democrats have endorsed Governor Howard Dean, M.D.'s campaign for president, including former Iowa Lieutenant Governor Jo Ann Zimmerman and former chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Sheila McGuire Riggs.  These new key Democratic endorsements represent the growing number of current and former elected leaders that have gotten on board with Governor Dean's campaign.

"Today is a new day for Democrats," said Governor Dean.  "More and more people are coming on board with our campaign because we are bringing change to campaign finance, to leadership, and to the political process.  And we are going to bring change to the White House in 2004."

Zimmerman served as Iowa's first woman Lieutenant Governor between 1987 and 1991, and was Iowa's last Lieutenant Governor to preside over the Iowa Senate. Prior to this, she was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 1982 and re--elected in 1984.  She served as Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee and sat on the Education and Agriculture standing committees.

"I have known Howard Dean since 1987 and as fellow Lt. Governor's, we worked on many health related issues, as well as rural issues," said Zimmerman.  "In the past 16 years Howard Dean has proven he can get things done, while Dick Gephardt has proven he will let us down."

Dr. Riggs has been a leading and influential figure in the Iowa Democratic Party for nearly 20 years. She is the former Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party and most recently, the State Chair for Senator Bob Graham's Presidential Campaign.  In 1984 she served as the youngest delegate to the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco.  She ran for Congress in 1994 and in 1996 she was the co--chair for Senator Harkin's Finance Committee and a National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

"This country is still narrowly divided and this election will be close," said Riggs. "In order for Democrats to tip the scales we need a candidate who can generate excitement, bring new people, especially young people, into the process, and Governor Dean has proven he is the best candidate that can do this. As a former governor, Howard Dean has a record of results on health care, job creation and fiscal responsibility.  Iowa Democrats appreciate candidates with some fire in the belly, which is why we like Tom Harkin so much. Dean has proven he will stand up to Bush on the tough issues."

Current and former elected leaders that have endorsed Governor Dean include:

                        State Representative Cindy Winckler
                        State Representative Bruce Hunter
                        State Representative Marcella Frevert
                        State Representative Gregory Stevens
                        State Representative Polly Bukta
                        State Representative Donald Shoultz
                        State Senator Joseph Bolkcom
                        State Senator Daryl Beall
                        Mayor Martin Brown, Bradgate
                        Mayor Larry Murphy, Oelwein
                        Mayor Bill Dunbar, Patterson
                        Mayor Bill Stammerman, Dallas Center
                        Mayor Ned Miller, Windsor Heights
                        City Councilman Ross Wilburn, Iowa City
                        City Councilman Pat Palmer, Hampton
                        City Councilwoman Joan Amos, Chariton
                        City Councilwoman Ann Lesnet, Muscatine
                        City Councilman Bob Soesbe, Clinton
                        City Councilman Rusty Martin, Perry
                        City Councilman Steve Flynn, Maquoketa
                        City Councilman Fred Stark, Washington
                        State Central Committee Member Dee Brandt, Fayette County
                        State Central Committee Member Jean Hartwell, Pottawattamie County
                        State Central Committee Member Stephania Haupert, Mahaska County
                        State Central Committee Member Sandy Opstvedt, Story County
                        State Central Committee Member Carol Porch, Johnson County
                        County Chair Tim Ennis, Adams County
                        County Chair Stave Kranz, Benton County
                        County Chair John Cahill, Marshall County
                        County Chair Jean Hartwell, Pottawattamie County
                        County Chair Kay Ciha, Washington County
                        County Chair Richard Gilmore, Washington County
                        County Chair Carolyn Larson, Butler County
                        County Chair Tom Hoover, Palo Alto County
                        County Chair Bruce Biederman, Mitchell County
                        County Chair John Amos, Lucas County
                        County Chair Sara Adams, Poweshiek County
                        County Chair John Nelson, Emmet County
                        County Supervisor Brian Quirk, Blackhawk County
                        County Supervisor Barbara Leestamper, Blackhawk County
                        County Supervisor Jack Cooley, Clarke County
                        County Supervisor Wayne West, Emmet County
                        County Supervisor Roger Anderson, Emmet County
                        County Supervisor Daryl Kothinbeutel, Franklin County
                        County Treasurer Donna Lawson, Greene County
                        County Supervisor Ric Gerard, Iowa County
                        County Treasurer Kimberly Tanke, Iowa County
                        County Recorder Susan Peterson, Iowa County
                        County Supervisor Carol Thompson, Johnson County
                        County Supervisor Mary Krier, Keokuk County
                        County Supervisor Eugene Elsbecker, Kossuth County
                        County Recorder Larry Holtkamp, Lee County
                        County Supervisor Lu Barron, Linn County
                        County Recorder Tena Hinkel, Monona County
                        County Supervisor Paul Sitzmann, Plymouth County
                        County Supervisor Royce Dredge, Ringgold County
                        County Auditor Karen Fitzsimmons--Walton, Scott County
                        County Supervisor James Hancock, Scott County
                        County Supervisor Wayne Clinton, Story County
                        County Supervisor Jane Halliburton, Story County
                        County Supervisor Doug Walish, Woodbury County
                        County Supervisor Esther Dean, Muscatine County
                        County Supervisor Dennis Boedecker, Cedar County
                        County Supervisor David Miller, Des Moines County
                        Former US Congressman Berkley Bedell
                        Former State Democratic Party Chair Sheila McGuire Riggs
                        Former State Lieutenant Governor Jo Ann Zimmerman
                        Former Iowa Secretary of State Elaine Baxter
                        Former Iowa House Minority Leader Dick Meyers
                        Former State Senator Johnnie Hammond
                        Former State Senator Ralph Rosenberg
                        Former State Representative Glen Jesse
                        Former State Senator Bev Hannon
                        Former State Senator Mark Shearer
                        Former State Representative Brian Carter
                        Former State Representative Kay Halloran
                        Former State Representative Ed Bremmer
                        Former State Representative Linda Nelson
                        Former State Representative Art Ollie
                        Former State Representative Bob Fuller
                        Former State Representative Florence Buhr
                        Former State Representative Bill Gannon
                        Former County Chair Bob Burns, Warren County
                        Former County Chair Phil Scott, Jefferson County
                        Former County Chair Larry Beck, Grundy County
                        Former County Chair Lyle Otte, Winneshiek County
                        Former County Chair Bill Russell, Decatur County
                        Former County Chair Jeanne Bridenstine, Jasper County
                        Former County Chair Arlie Willems, Jackson County
                        Former County Chair Robert Degroote, Hancock County