December 21, 2003                                  NH Press Office


Nearly 300 Physicians Join "Doctors for Dean"

CONCORD - Today in Concord, the Dean for America campaign announced that 294 New Hampshire health care professionals have endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, M.D.  In giving their support, they cited his experience as a doctor, his health care record in Vermont, and his leadership on other issues.  With their front line perspective on the health care crisis in America, these doctors' support for Dean is a powerful endorsement of the Governor's proposed health care plan and his performance in office.

"With the support of these dedicated health care professionals, I know that health care for all Americans will become a reality when I take office," said Governor Dean.  "My own experience as a doctor has shaped my understanding of how to improve access to health care, and I am honored that these physicians are bringing their knowledge and skills to our campaign."

"Governor Dean's record on health care is unmatched in the presidential race," said Bob Friedlander, M.D., of Hooksett, who is the coordinator of Doctors for Dean.  "Based on Dr. Dean's success in Vermont, where he expanded health care coverage to include nearly 92% of adults and 96% of children, I believe that he will bring American values back to the health care system to benefit all our citizens."

"Over the years, I have probably supported Republicans at least as often as I have supported Democrats, and I've never endorsed anyone publicly before," said Stephen Plume, M.D., of Lebanon.  "Now I think it matters more.  Howard Dean, as Governor, has earned our respect for his intelligence and integrity and willingness to listen to every constituency.  George Bush, as President, has not."

Added Suzanne Boulter, M.D., of Concord, "As a pediatrician I am thrilled to hear a candidate for the presidency make children's access to affordable health care a real priority and one that is backed up by successful experience at the state level."

Comprised of health care professionals who live or work in New Hampshire, Doctors for Dean is an active part of the Dean campaign's health care outreach program in the Granite State.  Since its inception in August, Doctors for Dean have held house meetings, written to community members, and reached out to social networks to spread the word about Governor Dean's health care proposals.

A list of endorsing physicians is below:

 Linda Addante, Lebanon

 Tom Akey, Concord

 Wendy Angelo, Concord

 Bradley Arrick, Lebanon

 Jonas Aviza, Concord

 Suellen Balestra, Lebanon

 Al Baluta, Londonderry

 James Barrett, Hanover

 Nicholas Bartenhagen, Keene

 John Bassi, Hopkinton

 Paul Batalden, Lebanon

 Alfred Bates, Center Sandwich

 Richard Baughman, Lebanon

 Susan Bayer, Tilton

 Sean Bears, New London

 Ralph Beasley, Lebanon

 Jackson Beecham, Lebanon

 James Bell, Hanover

 David Bisbee, Concord

 Steven Blair, Claremont

 Suzanne Boulter, Concord

 William Boyle, Lebanon

 Gerard Bozuwa, Wakefield

 Charles Brackett, Lebanon

 Robert Brethauer, Bedford

 Frances Brokaw, Lebanon

 Blair Brooks, Lebanon

 Elizabeth Buchanan, Exeter

 Albee Budnitz, Nashua

 Chris Calhoun, Manchester

 Charles Carrier, Manchester

 Brian Carroll, Hopkinton

 Don Caruso, Keene

 Robert Chamberlin, Canterbury

 David Charlesworth, Manchester

 William Chase, Westmorland

 David Conway, Concord

 Paul Corcoran, Hancock

 Peter Corrigan, Manchester

 Harte Crow, Lebanon

 Michael Curtis, Lebanon

 John Daley, Derry

 Valerie Danielson, Newmarket

 Helen Davis, Francestown

 Thomas Davis, Lebanon

 Corin Dechirico, Nashua

 Selma Deitch, Manchester

 Skip DeVito, Concord

 Tanya DeWitt, Keene

 Allen Dietrich, Lebanon

 Michael Dowe, Laconia

 Thomas Downs, Claremont

 William Dudley, Dover

 Sam Dugan, Manchester

 Marcel Dupuis, Bedford

 Lynn Durand, Concord

 Mark Durcan, Derry

 John Echternach, Henniker

 Douglas Eddy, Derry

 Susan Edwards, Lebanon

 William Edwards, Lebanon

 Benson Eisenberg, Randolph

 Paul Emery, Manchester

 Jason Emmick, Raymond

 Laura Emmick, Manchester

 Walter England, Hopkinton

 Robert Englund, Keene

 BJ Entwisle, Concord

 Dan Eubank, Concord

 Claire Fabian, Keene

 Robert Fairweather, Lebanon

 Robert Feder, Nashua

 Vergil Ferm, Etna

 Henry Ferrell, Exeter

 Sean Fitzpatrick, Nashua

 Robert Foote, Lebanon

 John Fraunfelder, Walpole

 Bob Friedlander, Hooksett

 Harold Friedman, Lebanon

 Gilbert Fuld, Keene

 Robert Gabrielli, Penacook

 Adam Garretson, Hooksett

 Rachel Garrett, Concord

 Gerry Gehr, Manchester

 Madeline Gerken, Laconia

 Majid Ghazi, Lebanon

 David Gilmour, Hollis

 Wendy Gladstone, Exeter

 Sam Gold, Manchester

 David Golden, Hollis

 David Goodman, Lebanon

 Ronald Green, Lebanon

 Robert Greenberg, Lebanon

 Ronald Grimm, Canaan

 Joseph Guarneri, Keene

 Matthew Guiltinan, Keene

 Richard Hacker, Keene

 Elisabeth Haeger, Manchester

 David Hall, Keene

 Chris Hallowell, Concord

 Gerry Hamilton, Concord

 Travis Harker, Concord

 Connor Haugh, Manchester

 Bob Hayes, Manchester

 Viking Hedberg, Plymouth

 Sarah Henry, Concord

 Walter Herbert, Hanover

 Oliver Herfort, Meriden

 Brooke Herndon, Lebanon

 Scott Hochgraf, Manchester

 Roland Hok, Concord

 Birgit Houston, Nashua

 Da-Shih Hu, Lebanon

 Noshi Ishak, Laconia

 Virginia Jeffryes, Franconia

 Gary Jones, Concord

 Russell Jones, Tilton

 Richard Kaplan, Exeter

 Louis Kazal, Lebanon

 Douglas W. Keene, Keene

 Robert Keene, Hanover

 Patricia Kegel, Concord

 David Kehas, Concord

 Jennifer Keller, Lebanon

 Sylvia Kennedy, Wolfeboro

 Francis Kheriaty, Manchester

 Robert Kiefner, Concord

 Gerard Kiernan, Keene

 Bryan King, Lebanon

 William Kinlaw, Lebanon

 Robert Klein, Lebanon

 Peter Klementowicz, Nashua

 John Klunk, Raymond

 William Kmon, Lebanon

 Richard Knab, Manchester

 Ursula Kneissl, Concord

 Donald Kollisch, Lebanon

 Robert Kraunz, Dover

 John Kukay, Nashua

 Everett Lamm, Portsmouth

 Keith Lammers, Manchester

 Eugene Lariviere, Manchester

 Paula Leonard-Schwartz, Manchester

 Charles Leutzinger, Manchester

 Donald Levi, Nashua

 Carl Levick, Concord

 Murray Levin, Windham

 Gary Levine, Lebanon

 J. Howard Lightfoot, Hopkinton

 Theodore Lindauer, Exeter

 Susan Lynch, Manchester

 Malcolm MacKenzie, Keene

 Philip Maiorano, Gilford

 Paul Manganiello, Lebanon

 Lynne Margesson, Manchester

 James Margraf, Keene

 Bryan Marsh, Lebanon

 Peter Mason, Lebanon

 Michael Mattin, Rye

 Herbert Maurer, Lebanon

 Robert McCollum, Lebanon

 Ross McIntyre, Lebanon

 Thomas Meehan, Concord

 Mark Meess, Hollis

 G. Neild Mercer, Lebanon

 Richard Merrick, Littleton

 Dana Merrithew, Rumney

 Phil Maiorano, Gilford

 Denise Merritt, Alton

 Herb Meyer, Danville

 Joseph Miller, Durham

 Christopher Mills, Keene

 Letha Mills, Lebanon

 John Modlin, Lebanon

 John Moeschler, Lebanon

 Peter Mogielnicki, Lebanon

 Susan Mooney, Lebanon

 Michael Mortelliti, Derry

 Winifred Mullins, Webster

 Jack Myers, Dover

 Daniel Nadeau, Exeter

 Helene Nagy, Lebanon

 Richard Naimark, Dover

 Gregory Neilly, Peterborough

 Richard Nelson, Concord

 Jeffrey Newcomer, Keene

 Phat Nguyen, Manchester

 Lars Nielson, Lancaster

 Joseph O?Donnell, Hanover

 Ernst Oidtmann, Lebanon

 Peter Oliver, Peterborough

 Daniel O?Neill, Plymouth

 Kim Ornvold, Lebanon

 Dana O'Shea, Nashua

 James O?Shea, Nashua

 Thomas Oxman, Lebanon

 Robert Palombo, Plaistow

 Nick Perencevich, Concord

 Stephen Plume, Lebanon

 Rick Pollak, Concord

 Gabriele Popp, Lebanon

 Greg Prazar, Exeter

 G. Forrest Quimby, Keene

 Robert Racusin, Lebanon

 Daniel Rath, Keene

 Charles Ravaris, Lebanon

 Robert Reece, Lebanon

 Franz Reichsman, Keene

 Mark Rholl, Bedford

 John Richey, Concord

 Sarah Ricketts, Lebanon

 William Rigby, Lebanon

 Michael Ritondo, Claremont

 James A. Robinson, Swanzey

 John Robinson, Manchester

 Carey Rodd, Bradford

 Daniel Rosenbaum, Manchester

 Alan Rosenfeld, Laconia

 Christine Rosenwasser, Manchester

 David Ross, Concord

 Molly Rossignol, Concord

 Christiane Rothwangl, Merrimack

 Johann Rothwangl, Manchester

 Alan Rozycki, Lebanon

 Leonard Rudolf, Lebanon
 Betsy Sandberg, Durham

 Elizabeth Sanders, Concord

 Philip Santora, Nashua

 Michael Sateia, Lebanon

 Gail Sawyer, Concord

 Albert Scaramella, Nashua

 John G. Schlegelmilch, Keene

 Amy Schneider, East Andover

 Catherine Schneider, Lebanon

 David Schopick, Portsmouth

 Michael Schorsch, Lebanon

 Melvyn Schupack, Walpole

 Steven B. Schwartz, Manchester

 Deborah Scott, Enfield

 Tajammul Shafique, Laconia

 George Shaker, Lee

 Gary Shapiro, Keene

 Tom Sheldon, Concord

 Virginia Siegfried, Dover

 David Siepmann, Lebanon

 Stephanie Silverman, New Boston

 Arthur W. Simington, Keene

 Karl Singer, Exeter

 Bill Siroty, Nashua

 Brenda Sirovich, Lebanon

 Stephen Smith, Manchester

 Gary Sobelson, Concord

 Henry Sonneborn, Portsmouth

 Robert Soucy, Colebrook

 Michelle Spenny, Lebanon

 Jane Spragg, Concord

 Brian Stacey, Concord

 Dennis Stepro, Manchester

 Andrew Stewart, Effingham

 Nathan A. Swanson, Portsmouth

 Anne Tarry, Amherst

 Thomas Taylor, Lebanon

 Trinidad Tellez, Concord

 George Terwilliger, Keene

 Vijay Thadani, Lebanon

 Rob Thomson, Concord

 David Towne, Plymouth

 John Trummel, Lebanon

 Pancras Vanderlaan, Lancaster

 Vidvud Valdmanis, Plymouth

 Kristin Vaughan, Exeter

 Elizabeth Victor, Lebanon

 Fordham Von Reyn, Lebanon

 Bertram Von Zabern, Temple

 Charles Ward, Concord

 Arthur Warwick, Concord

 Lynn Webster, New London

 Doug Weckstein, Hooksett

 Andrew Werchniak, Lebanon

 Donald West, Lebanon

 Russell Williams, Haverhill

 Clare Wilmot, Littleton

 Donald Wilson, Keene

 Robert Wilson, Concord

 Charles Winterling, Concord

 Harry Kern Wisner, Lebanon

 Charles Wolcott, Franconia

 David Wood, Spofford

 Ram Yadati, Nashua

 Gary York, Concord

 Oge Young, Concord

 William Young, Lebanon

 Edward Yourtee, Windham

 Anthony Zwaan, Exeter