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September 25, 2003


Prominent Republican Leaders Cross Party Lines to Back Dean for President

MANCHESTER-The Dean for America campaign today announced the formation of the Republicans for Dean Committee, and unveiled the Steering Committee of  more than 40 New Hampshire Republicans who have decided to back Governor
Howard Dean in his bid for the presidency.

"I am gratified to have the support of so many Republicans," said Governor Dean. "It's clear that President Bush has been taking our country in the wrong direction and destroying our sense of American community.  Together, we will stand up and win next November.  President Bush's policies have been bad for all Americans-Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike."

"I am a life-long Republican, and I am happy to endorse the candidacy of Governor Howard Dean for President of the United States," said Hilary Cleveland.  "I have been disappointed in the Bush Administration's policies in Iraq, and Governor Dean has best articulated why we should not have gone to war in Iraq.  I like his emphasis on the importance of internationalism and his fiscal program."

She added, "I will switch my registration to Independent in order to vote for Governor Howard Dean on January 27th."  Mrs. Cleveland served as the New London, New Hampshire co-chair for George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, was the New Hampshire finance chair for President George H.W. Bush's 1980 campaign, attended three Republican National Conventions, and was married to former New Hampshire U.S. Congressman Republican James C. Cleveland.

"I have been a Republican all of my life, but recently became an Independent because of George Bush," Juliana Maglathlin of Manchester said.  "Governor Dean is running a highly inclusive campaign.  He is bringing hope to many people who were not involved before, and that is great for the democratic process."

Committee members have either recently changed their voter registration to Independent or Democrat or pledged to do so before the October 31 deadline so they can cast a ballot for Governor Dean in the January 27 primary.

 Other Republicans for Dean Committee members include:

 Carol A. Wight  (Amherst)
 Diane L. Bingham  (Atkinson)
 Dr. David C. Charlesworth  (Bedford)
 Michael A. Sills  (Bedford)
 Patsy A. Petit  (Bedford)
 Roger Cawley  (Bennington)
 Helen Ballou  (Brookline)
 Anita Engle  (Conway)
 William Proctor  (Conway)
 Anthony B. Neidecker  (Cornish)
 Deborah D. Boisvert  (Deerfield)
 Edward S. Chase, Jr.  (Exeter)
 Gerald Knight  (Gilford)
 Lorraine Lauriat  (Goffstown)
 Lorna G. Boucher  (Greenland)
 Representative Jane Kelley  (Hampton)
 Mary L. McClesky  (Hanover)
 Ida L. Lange  (Hanover)
 Sally Bell  (Hanover)
 Cordell Johnston  (Henniker)
 Jeannette H. Bergeron  (Keene)
 Tom Southworth (Lancaster)
 Karen Liot  (Lebanon)
 Charles H. Butterfield  (Hinsdale)
 Robert K. Ehlers  (Hooksett)
 Carol B. Resch  (Manchester)
 Juliana Maglathlin (Manchester)
 Elizabeth M. Staulcup  (Manchester)
 Paul Staulcup  (Manchester)
 Gregory Joseph Barrett  (Manchester)
 Paul Amato  (Milford)
 Ray W. Karras  (Nashua)
 Hilary Cleveland  (New London)
 Jason A. Boucher  (Portsmouth)
 William J. Sammis  (Rochester)
 Robert C. Henson II  (Rochester)
 Todd Blodgett  (Wolfeboro)
 Richard Ludders  (Weare)
 Margaret Blodgett  (Wolfeboro)
 Cathy McDonough  (Rye)
 Peter McDonough  (Rye)