Howard Dean-Campaign Organization
Dean for America 
On May 30, 2002, Dean mailed the FEC papers establishing Dean for America, a presidential campaign committee.  Dean for America is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont.  The campaign started in a small office in Montpelier, moved to offices in downtown Burlington at the beginning of September 2002, and moved to other offices in Burlington in early May 2003.  Joe Trippi is campaign manager, overseeing the day-to-day running of the campaign in Burlington.  updated 02/02/04     previous>
Dean for America Leadership
Chief Executive Officer Roy Neel
(Announced as Senior Advisor on Dec. 18, 2003; full time from Jan. 1, 2004; named as CEO  on Jan. 28, 2004)  From 1977 to 1994, Neel served in key roles in Al Gore's Washington operations, becoming Chief of Staff for Senator and later Vice President Gore.  Neel managed Gore's 1992 vice presidential campaign and was a central figure in the Clinton-Gore transition.  He served for a time as President Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff, responsible for coordinating all policy and communications activities for the President.  Leaving for the private sector, Neel became President and CEO of the United States Telecom Association.  During 2000, Neel was director of Vice President Gore's presidential transition planning, and he managed transition efforts for Gore during the post-election challenge in Florida.
Deputy Campaign Manager Robert Rogan
(Announced April 7, 2003)  Most recently vice president of public affairs for Central Vermont Public Service Corp. Deputy chief of staff to Dean from 1994-98.  Served in various positions for Lawton Chiles when he was U.S. Senator and then governor of Florida.  Rogan also worked as a legislative assistant to Sen. Bob Graham.
Deputy Campaign Manager Tom McMahon
(Announced May 22, 2003)  Worked in the Clinton Administration from 1993-99, serving as deputy director of advance in the White House and as a public affairs specialist at the Department of Defense.  McMahon was involved in the Gore campaign in 2000, the Clinton campaign in 1996, and was a regional field director in Missouri for Clinton/Gore in 1992.
Deputy Campaign Manager Andrea "Andi" Pringle
(Announced August 7, 2003)  Pringle joined the political consulting firm Whistle Stop Communications as a partner after serving as campaign manager of Carol Moseley Braun's presidential campaign from February to June 2003.  She worked for the Open Society Institute on its criminal justice initiative, 2001-'02; and served as campaign manager for a juvenile justice reform advocacy effort in Florida, 2002.  Communications director for the NAACP National Voter Fund in 2000-'01.  Deputy campaign manager for John White, Jr. for Mayor in Philadelphia, 1998-99.  Worked on Jesse Jackson's 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns and at the National Rainbow Coalition, 1984-88.  Pringle also has extensive experience in entertainment industry management. 
(Kate doesn't like titles) Kate O'Connor
Longtime aide; ran Dean's campaign for lieutenant governor in 1989, his campaigns for governor, and the Fund for a Healthy America leadership PAC he established in November 2001.  Served as special assistant to Dean from 1991-97 and as his secretary of civil and military affairs since 1997. 


Director of Operations Mark Michaud
(Initially did some work in compliance).  Executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party for 4 years through the 2002 cycle. 
Political Director Paul Blank
In 2002 served as campaign manager for Chris Kouri's congressional campaign against Robin Hayes in North Carolina.
Field Director Tamara Pogue
(Started February 2003 as Special Operations.  Officially titled Field Director on Nov. 13;she had been fulfilling that role on an interim basis) Campaign manager for John Baldacci’s successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign in Maine.  Graduate of Bates College ('99).
Volunteer and Intern Coordinator Susan Elliot
(started February 2003)  Worked at KaBOOM!, an organization which seeks to provide healthy play opportunities for children, and previously as meeting and special events coordinator at Ben & Jerry's.
Disability Outreach Director Jim Reed
(announced January 12, 2004)  Reed served as Gore/Lieberman's 2000 National Director for Disability Outreach.  He lives with hemophilia, HIV, Hepatitis C and Multiple Sclerosis. He works in a private legal practice in Phoenix, Ariz., where he chairs the Arizona State Bar Committee on Accessibility for the State Bar Task Force on Persons in the Legal Profession with Disabilities.  Reed is also Chair of the Disabilities Caucus for the Arizona State Democratic Committee, and a member of the State Party's Executive Committee.

Compliance: Ben Metcalf


Communications Director Tricia Enright
(started May 15, 2003)  Most recently press secretary to Sen. Tom Harkin.  Deputy communications director for Gore/Lieberman in 2000.  Senior advisor/assistant secretary for public affairs/deputy asst. secretary for public affairs at HUD, over the course of seven and a half years on and off.  Pennsylvania press secretary for Clinton/Gore 1996.  Worked in the White House Office of Media Affairs, 1993.  Worked in the national press office of Clinton for President, 1992.
Deputy Communications Director Courtney O'Donnell
(started out with the campaign in January 2003 as an assistant to campaign manager Rick Ridder)  Has done communications work for campaigns including Janet Reno for Governor (Fla.) and Bob Clement for Senate (Tenn.), as well as various issue campaigns for children and environmental causes.
National Spokesman Jay Carson
(second week of October 2003)  Carson came to the campaign after serving as Sen. Daschle's press secretary for three years.  He did advance/press advance on Bill Bradley's presidential campaign, and earlier worked on Chuck Schumer's Senate race.  Carson is a graduate of Columbia University.

Staff Photographer: John Pettitt-- (started July 1, 2003) Pettitt was pursuing sailing and professional photography in Sausalito, CA (CloudView Photography) after retiring from Silicon Valley. 
Advisory Role Susan Allen
(The campaign's press secretary from January 2003 to April 9, 2003)  Previously served as Dean's press secretary in the Governor's office starting in Sept. 1998.


Webmaster Nicco Mele
(started May 3, 2003)  Webmaster of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative in New York.  Produced live streaming webcasts of the Shadow Conventions 2000.  First webmaster at Common Cause.  1999 graduate of the College of William & Mary.  Born in Ghana to foreign service parents; graduated from high school in Malaysia. 
Director, Online Organizing Zephyr Teachout
In 2001, Teachout and three others co-founded the Fair Trial Initiative, a group that seeks to assure quality representation in death penalty cases.  Teachout earned her J.D. from Duke University Law School, and she also has a Master's degree in Political Science from Duke University; her Bachelor's degree is from Yale College.  She is a Vermont native and served as Operations Director on Dean's 1994 re-election campaign.
Director of Internet Communications Matthew Gross
Edited The Glen Canyon Reader (University of Arizona Press, 2003) and lived in Moab, Utah.
Coordinating Meetups Michael Silberman
Writer Joe Rospars
Before joining the campaign, Rospars lived in Stockholm, Sweden.  He wrote at Not Geniuses and earlier at That Other Blog.  Rospars earned a degree in political science from the George Washington University.  Originally from Long Island.
Lead Programmer Clay Johnson
Worked as a freelance technology consultant in Atlanta.
Database Ken Herman



Research Director Brent Colburn
(started July 2003)  Previously at the DCCC.


Policy Director Jeremy Ben-Ami
(to start May 19, 2003) Came to the campaign from position as director of communications for the New York-based New Israel Fund.  In 2001 he served as deputy campaign manager on Mark Green's campaign for mayor of New York City.  Ben-Ami served a variety of roles in the Clinton Administration.  Starting June 1995 he was Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy; he was chief of staff of the White House Domestic Policy Council from 1993-96; earlier he was a special assistant to the assistant secretary for children and families in the Department of Health and Human Services.  He served as assistant deputy commissioner of the New York City Human Resources Administration.  Ben-Ami has a law degree from New York University and is an '84 graduate of Princeton University.
Deputy Policy Director Julie Norton
(with the campaign from January 2003, started as special projects)
opposition research Mr. Rome


Director of Scheduling and Advance Todd Dennett
Served as Venue Protocol Manager during the Olympic Games at Salt Lake City.  Worked on Vice President Al Gore's staff.  George Washington University graduate.  Native of Tacoma, Washington. 
source: Lori Matsukawa: "Olympics  'flag guy' from Tacoma, Wa."  KING 5 News, Seattle  02/13/2002
Scheduler Sarah Buxton
Previously Dean's scheduler in the Governor's office.

...26-person finance staff as of October 2003

National Finance Director (from January 2003) Stephanie Schriock
Worked at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as as director of campaign assistance (political) in the 2002 cycle and as southern regional finance director during the 2000 cycle.  B.S. in Administration from Mankato State University in Minnesota ('95) and M.A. from the Graduate School of Political Management ('97).

Assistant to the Director & VT: T. Kate Cenis
Deputy National Finance Director Linnea Dyer

Director for Direct Mail, Telemarketing - Larry Biddle

Director of GLBT Fundraising - Patrick Anderson
GLBT Deputies: Jen Goncalves, Julie Tagen   Assistant: Alex Moody

House Parties - David P. Salie Deputy: Murshed Caheed

Minority Fundraising - Alex Pearson

Doctors for Dean/Deputy NE - David Kirby
Database Finance - Bobby Clark
E-Mail Director - Kelly Nuxoll
Monthly Contributions/Dean Team - Lindsay Melander

Finance Assistant - Jay Schroeder

Regional Directors
Midwest - Jenny Lehner
New York - Lindsey Lewis   Deputy: Giovanna Torchio
Vermont - Carolyn Dwyer
No. Calif. - A.J. Goodman    Assistant: Jill Habig
So. Calif. - Jenna Grigsby    Assistant: Kat Woodruff
Mid-Atlantic - Alex Pearson    Assistant: Addy Gross
North East - Andrew Wright
Oregon/WA - Emily Wurgaft

Dean's List group -- people that have committed to raising $50,000.  There are about 100 on the list and they work with the regional directors.

National Finance Committee Co-chairs: Terry Lierman of Maryland and Pamela Eakes of Mercer Island, Washington.
Campaign Co-Chair  (doing a lot of work helping to raise money Steve Grossman
(Announced Nov. 11, 2002)  Sought the Democratic nomination for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, but withdrew from the five man race in July 2002.  Runs MassEnvelopePlus, a Somerville printing company founded by his grandfather in 1910.  National chairman of the Democratic National Committee from Jan. 1997-Jan. 1999.  Elected president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in 1992, then served as chair.  Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party 1990-1992.


(Joe Trippi and) Steve McMahon
Trippi and McMahon have been Dean's media consultants for all five of his gubernatorial campaigns. In 1980 as a student at the University of Nebraska, McMahon volunteer on the Kennedy campaign.  He worked on Kennedy's Senate staff, went to law school and worked for Doak & Shrum.


Pollster/Senior Advisor Paul Maslin
Partner in Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates since 1992.  Lives in Madison, WI.
Direct Mail Direct Line Politics (Alexandria, VA)

Strategic and Tactical Consulting Rick Ridder - Ridder/Braden, Inc.
[Ridder served as campaign manager from Jan.-April 15, 2003]  President and co-founder of Ridder/Braden, Inc., a Denver, Colorado-based consulting firm that he and Joannie Braden founded in 1985.  Experience on presidential campaigns of Gary Hart (1984 and 1988), Al Gore (1988), Bill Clinton (1992) and Bill Bradley (2000).  Named by the American Association of Political Consultants as "international consultant of the year" in 1998.  Immediate past-president of the International Association of Political Consultants.  fuller profile...

Working with Policy Director Jeremy Ben-Ami to set up a policy council to advise Gov. Dean:
Senior Policy Advisor Ronald Weich
(Announced May 22, 2003)  Partner at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP in Washington, DC since March 1997.  Worked in various positions in the U.S. Senate from 1989-97, including General Counsel to the Labor and Human Resources Committee and  Chief Counsel to Sen. Edward Kennedy on the Judiciary Committee.  Served as an Assistant District Attorney in New York County.  Law degree from Yale University, 1983; undergraduate degree from Columbia University, 1980. 
Senior Advisor Maria Echaveste
(Announced May 22, 2003)  Attorney and consultant in Washington, DC.  Was the highest ranking Latino ever to serve in the White House as Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff in the Clinton's second term.  Previously Administrator of the Wage and House Division of the Department of Labor.
Senior Advisor Chris Edley Jr.
(Announced May 22, 2003)  Professor at Harvard Law School and founding co-Director of the Civil Rights Project at Harvard.  Served as Senior Counsel to President Clinton and Senior Advisor for the Race Initiative.  Associate Director of the OMB.  National issues director on the Dukakis presidential campaign.  Assistant Director of the Domestic Policy Council under President Clinton
Senior Advisor Mike Ford
(Announced October 31, 2003)  Has worked on numerous presidential campaigns going as far back as 1972, and has also worked as an organizer for AFSCME.
Senior Advisor Gina Glantz
(Announced November 21, 2003; to start December 1, 2003--will travel with Dean)  Most recently Assistant to the President for Strategic Issues and Political Action at SEIU.  National campaign manager for Bill Bradley in his 2000 presidential campaign.  With Angie Martin she founded Martin & Glantz in 1985; she took leave in 1999 to work on the Bradley campaign and sold the firm in 2001.
National Surrogate and Southern Regional Advisor Gwen Graham Logan
(Announced November 24, 2003)  Eldest daughter of U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Bob Graham.  Attorney and mother of three.  She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Washington College of Law at American University.
Chair of National Security and Foreign Policy Advisors Leon Fuerth
(Announced January 7, 2004)  A long-time senior foreign policy advisor to Senator and then-Vice President Al Gore, Fuerth has taught at the George Washington University since the 2000 election.  He served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force from 1962 to 1965 and then as a Foreign Service Officer from 1968 to 1979.  He was the senior staff member for the late congressman Les Aspin on the House Select Committee on Intelligence from 1979 to 1984.  Fuerth then served as the senior staff member on international affairs for Senator Gore from 1984 to 1992 and as Gore's National Security Advisor from 1992 to 2000.  He is a graduate of NYU and holds graduate degrees from NYU and the J.F.K. School of Government at Harvard University. 
Senior Foreign Policy Advisor Danny E. Sebright
(Started in 2002; formally announced December 15, 2003)  Associate Vice President of the Cohen Group since February 2002.  Served as "the Defense Department's Director of the Policy Executive Secretariat for the global war on terrorism from September 2001 until January of 2002."  Served in the Office of the Under Secretary for Policy at DoD from 1995-2001.  Started his career in government at the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1985.  BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University,1984; completed the coursework for a Masters in National Security Policy in 1988; Masters in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. 
Helped the campaign develop national security and foreign policy, and spearheaded the process of recruiting the team of advisors announced on December 15. 
Senior Advisor Elizabeth Birch
(Announced Jan. 12, 2004)  From 1995 to January 4, 2004, Birch served as Executive Director of the Human Rights Campaign and HRC Foundation; during her tenure the organization grew dramatically.  Prior to HRC, Birch was an executive in Silicon Valley. She served as worldwide director of litigation for Apple Computer, Inc. and as the General Counsel of Claris Corporation, the software subsidiary of Apple. 
Senior Advisor Jon Haber
(Announced Jan. 13, 2004, to work full time out of Burlington headquarters)  This is Haber's fifth presidential campaign.  He was deputy campaign manager for Congressman Richard Gephardt in 1988 and on the national advance staff for Sen. Edward Kennedy's 1980 presidential bid.  He also worked for Walter Mondale in 1984 and Bill Clinton in 1992.  Haber also has extensive experience on Capitol Hill, including stints as communications director for Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) on the agriculture committee and chief of staff to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Most recently, he was a senior partner at Fleishman Hillard in Washington.  Haber is a graduate of UCLA and of the University of San Francisco Law School.

Key Early States:

Iowa State Director Jeani Murray
(Announced Dec. 18, 2002)  From Jan.-Nov. 2002 she managed John Norris' unsuccessful campaign for the Iowa 4th CD seat held by Rep. Tom Latham.  Executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party from May 2000 to January 2002.  Worked for Rep. Leonard Boswell for over four years, finishing as his chief of staff.  Graduate of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, and attended graduate school in journalism at the University of Iowa.

N E W   H A M P S H I R E

New Hampshire State Director Karen Hicks
(Announced Feb. 14, 2003)  Political director for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen’s 2002 bid for the U.S. Senate.  Political director for Shaheen’s 2000 race for Governor.  Prior to that, Hicks served as Shaheen’s Health Policy Advisor.  From 1993-97, she served as executive director of New Hampshire Citizen Action.

S O U T H   C A R O L I N A (February 3 primary)

South Carolina State Director Don Jones
(started latter part of Nov. 2003)  Founder of the Jones & Associates political consulting firm. Formerly served as a consultant on African-American outreach to both Clinton presidential campaigns. 

More States:

A R I Z O N A (February 3 primary)
Arizona State Director Frank Costanzo
(Started volunteering in March 2003; started July 15, 2003; officially announced mid-Aug. 2003)  Costanzo is providing overall campaign advisory services through his consulting company, FTC & Associates, Inc.  Since the mid-1980s he has done consulting work on start-ups and turn-arounds.  He is educational coordinator for the Arizona Democratic Party, and has also served as the party's finance chair.  Before moving to Arizona, Costanzo lived in New York, where he served two terms as a legislator from Chautauqua County and helped lead urban renewal efforts in City of Jamestown.  Costanzo also has military experience as a U.S. Army officer, including a stint as a Nike Hercules Missile Commander.  He earned a B.A.from St. Bonaventure University and an M.A. from Keane College of New Jersey. 

O K L A H O M A (February 3 primary)

Oklahoma State Coordinator Chilton Ladd Marshall
(Officially announced Aug. 12, 2003)  Experience includes work as field director for the Women’s Voter Information Project in Arkansas and director of operations on the “No on 695” campaign in 2001.  Marshall, a native Oklahoman and Native American, attended Norman High School and the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

N E  W   M E X I C O (February 3 caucuses)

New Mexico State Director Francisco Castillo
(Started September 1, 2003)  As the Southern New Mexico Coordinator for Bill Richardson's campaign in the fall of 2002, Castillo ran the Las Cruces office and oversaw the campaign's efforts in 7-9 southern counties.  He is from Central Texas and was living in Austin at the time he was selected for the Dean campaign.  Castillo did Hispanic outreach for the Texas Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2000; was Hispanic director for Garry Mauro's 1998 gubernatorial campaign; was Hispanic outreach director for Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox in the 1990 Democratic gubernatorial primary (won by Ann Richards); and worked on Mattox' successful re-election campaign for Attorney General in 1986.  Castillo got his start in campaigns in Galveston, where he was hired as a Criminal District Attorney Investigator with the Galveston County District Attorney's Office, but got involved in the District Attorney's re-election bid.

N O R T H   D A K O T A (February 3 caucuses)

North Dakota Executive Director John Crabtree
Crabtree is a native of Iowa and a graduate of the University of Iowa.  He currently lives and works in Harvey, North Dakota.  He most recently managed the campaign that elected then Representative April Fairfield (DNPL-Eldridge) to the Senate in 2002.  Senator Fairfield defeated a long-time Republican incumbent in a closely watched battle.  John brings a wealth of caucus experience from Iowa, having served as a district coordinator for Rev. Jesse Jackson's Presidential campaign in Iowa and more recently as farm and rural policy advisor and state committee member for Senator Bill Bradley's Presidential campaign in Iowa.

M I C H I G A N (February 7 caucuses)

Michigan State Coordinator Daren Berringer
(Officially announced Aug. 16, 2003)  One of two deputy campaign managers on Congressman Tim Holden's successful 2002 congressional race against Congressman George W. Gekas in Pennsylvania's 17th CD.  In 2000 Berringer was campaign manager for Jim Eisenhower, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in Pennsylvania. 
Berringer: "On July 3 at 11:00 pm, the eve of our Nation's birthday, I received the call from the campaign that said, 'Hey Daren, you're going to Michigan.'"

W A S H I N G T O N (February 7 caucuses)

Washington State Director Betty Means
(Started July 15, 2003)  Campaign management, fundraising, and event coordination through Betty J. Means & Associates, 2001-2003.  Associate State Director for Advocacy, AARP Washington, 1999-2001.  AARP/VOTE Legislative Representative for WA, AK, MT, NV, OR, and ID, 1993-1999.  Senior Field Communications Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1989-1992.  Deputy Political Director, Democratic National Committee, 1987-1988. District Manager/Outreach Coordinator, Congressman Mike Lowry, 1979-1987.

M A I N E (February 8 caucuses)

Maine State Director Melanie Dees
Most recently worked for Eric Sklar, COO of Burrito Brothers.  Campaign manager for Congressman Tom Allen (ME-1)'s 2002 re-election campaign.  Originally from Louisiana, Dees earned degrees in Business and English from LSU in Baton Rouge; she also studied French at St. Anne's in Nova Scotia and in Toulouse, France.  The first campaign she worked on was Mary Landrieu's 1996 campaign for U.S. Senate.

V I R G I N I A (February 10 primary)

Virginia State Co-Director Jennifer Boysko
(Started on staff July 2003)  Boysko was the first official MeetUp host for Northern Virginia.  Over the past several years she has been politically active on the grassroots level, particularly following the 2000 election and the instigation of the war in Iraq.  She started volunteering for the Dean campaign in January 2003 after seeing him speak at a luncheon fundraiser on Capitol Hill.  Most recently a stay-at-home mom, Boysko graduated from Hollins Women's College in Roanoke, VA.
Virginia State Co-Director Carl Eggleston
Virginia State Co-Director Cynthia Downs

W I S C O N S I N (February 17 primary)

Wisconsin State Coordinator Mike Tate
(announced August 21, 2003)  Prior to joining the campaign, Tate worked as political director for Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk.  In 2002 he worked as state field director on Falk's bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, and then worked as a regional political director for AFSCME Council 40.  He has worked for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, is a former national vice president of the College Democrats of America, and started out in Wisconsin politics working on Sen. Russ Feingold's 1998 re-election campaign. 

C A L I F O R N I A (March 2 primary)

California State Director Jude Barry
(announced Dec. 6, 2003)  Has worked in California politics and government for the last 15 years, most recently serving as Chief of Staff to San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales.  In 2001, Jude and Joe Trippi co-founded Catapult Strategies, Inc., a firm specializing in politics, policy, and technology.  Barry's career began in Washington, DC, in 1984 as a press aide and deputy political director in the office of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.  He later worked on the Gary Hart presidential campaign.  In 1988 he was the national budget director for Richard Gephardt’s presidential bid.
Jude set up Governor Howard Dean’s first visits to California for his presidential exploratory efforts in early 2002, and he served as a senior advisor to the campaign since early 2003.

N E W  Y O R K (March 2 primary)

New York State Director Ethan Geto
Heads Geto & deMilly, lobbying and public relations firm founded in 1980.  Was a top political aide to former Attorney General Bob Abrams.

M A S S A C H U S E T T S (March 2 primary)

M A R Y L A N D (March 2 primary)

O R E G O N (May 18 primary)

P U E R T O  R I C O (June 6 primary)

N E W  J E R S E Y (June 8 primary)

Initial design. New design launched approximately Jan. 24, 2003. Here's how the site looked in mid-Aug. 2003.

See also Campaign Organization-1st Quarter 2003 FEC report.
This graphic from a Dean for America PowerPoint presentation shows how the campaign has eschewed a traditional hierarchic, top-down structure.  Supporters are encouraged to take actions, communicate among themselves, and build community through MeetUps and more recently the DeanLink feature, added to the website in beta form on August 23, 2003.  The campaign still sets the message and direction, but draws strength and receives feedback from supporters.

Campaign Manager Joe Trippi
[Day-to-day running of the campaign in Burlington].
Left the campaign on Jan. 28, 2004 (Trippi assumed the role of campaign director on March 3, 2003 and held that title through April 7, 2003, when he replaced Rick Ridder)  Trippi and Steve McMahon have been Dean's media consultants for all five of his gubernatorial campaigns. Trippi has worked on the presidential campaigns of Edward Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Gary Hart and Richard Gephardt.  First campaign: volunteer on Iola Williams' campaign for San Jose, Calif. city council in 1976.

Field: Kathy Lash
(started as Deputy Press Secretary in mid-May 2003)  Has worked on several congressional election campaigns, and most recently assisted with media for Virginia Gov. Mark Warner’s inaugural.
  • January 28, 2004--Dean names Roy Neel as CEO; Joe Trippi resigns.
  • December 9, 2003--Al Gore endorses Dean.
  • September 16, 2003--Campaign announces its 400,000th personal endorsement: Avra Siegal, a senior at the University of Michigan.
  • August 4, 2003--Dean appears on the covers of both Time and Newsweek.
  • July 15, 2003--Dean finishes first among the Democrats in 2nd Quarter fundraising, bringing in $7.6 million.
  • June 23, 2003--Dean officially announces his campaign in Burlington.
  • May 2003--Campaign moves to offices at 60 Farrell Street in Burlington.
  • April 2, 2003--Campaign announces first-quarter fundraising will exceed $2.6 million.
  • March 29, 2003--Campaign announces Rick Ridder leaving as campaign manager, effective April 15, 2003.
  • March 3, 2003--Joe Trippi becomes campaign director, freeing campaign manager Rick Ridder to focus on travelling and building the campaign organization in key states. 
  • February 21, 2003--Dean's speech at the DNC Winter Meeting.
  • February 14, 2003--Dean names Karen Hicks and New Hampshire State Director.
  • January 21, 2003--Dean names Rep. David Mack III of Charleston as South Carolina Chairman.
  • January 2003--Rapid growth as many new staff come on board in Burlington.
  • December 18, 2002--Dean names Jeani Murray as Iowa State Director.
  • November 20, 2002--Dean names Rick Ridder as his campaign manager, to start January 2003.
  • November 11, 2002--Dean announces that Steve Grossman, who served as national chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1997-99, and ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 (withdrawing from the five man race in July 2002) has signed on, with his role yet to be determined.
  • September 1, 2002--The campaign moves into its offices at 95 St. Paul Street in Burlington.
  • June 22, 2002--Dean holds his first Dean for America fundraiser on Fire Island in New York.
  • May 30, 2002--Dean mails FEC papers establishing Dean for America.

Fund for a Healthy America
On November 8, 2001 Dean formed a political action committee, the Fund for a Healthy America, dedicated to advancing "the principles of fiscal stability, universal health insurance, better environmental protection, and  equality for all Americans." 

Kate O'Connor, a longtime aide who ran Dean's campaigns for governor and is his secretary of civil and military affairs, oversaw Dean's political efforts on a part-time volunteer basis.  A junior from Seton Hall University worked as a full-time volunteer in mid-May 2002 and continuing through the summer.  The Fund operated out of a small office in Montpelier. 

The Fund did not raise nearly as much money as other presidential prospects' leadership PACs.  (In 2001-2002 the fund reported total receipts of $195,715.88 and total disbursements of $140,897.41).  Explaining the relatively small receipts, Kate O'Connor, treasurer for the Fund, said there is "a different philosophy" behind Dean's Fund as compared to the other leadership PACs that are raising significantly larger sums.  O'Connor said purpose of the Fund is for Dean to be able to travel around and support candidates, and he doesn't need a large staff and millions of dollars to do that. 

Dean's extensive out-of-state travels during 2002, when he was still governor, prompted some criticism.  See for example this article: Ross Sneyd.  "Governor's Absences Cause Strife," The Associated Press, May 9, 2002.  Sneyd cited records showing Gov. Dean had been out of state for 63 of the first 128 days of 2002.  In January 2002, Dean suffered the indignity of having three local newspapers, interested in the extent of his politicking, go to court to obtain access to his daily schedule.  A Superior Court judge ruled in their favor on April 25; the matter was appealed to the Vermont Supreme Court, where it was argued on June 11, and a decision handed down on November 1.

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